10 Ways to Spend Your Trading Online Voucher

NDS Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Following a successful pilot phase the Trading Online Voucher Scheme has been made available nationwide. This scheme is designed to help small companies access the opportunities open to them through trading online. The aim of this scheme is to help companies right across Ireland to access new markets so they can grow and create more jobs. Here are 10 ways you can spend your Digital Voucher with us. Remember we develop digital marketing strategies , train individuals and organisations in all aspects of digital marketing and social media, implement strategy and offer mentoring support. What does your business need to help you successfully trade online?

1. Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • The components of a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Choosing the digital channels that are right for your business
  • Using the correct monitoring tools


2. Approach & Develop Your Next Online PR Campaign

  • The components of an Online PR Campaign
  • New technologies for Online PR
  • Devising an online campaign
  • Measuring campaign results.


3. Bring Your Brands Facebook Page to a Whole New Level

  • Content planning
  • APPs
  • Intergrating Payment Functionality
  • Building your Advertising Campaign
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy


4. Get some Social Media Surgey

  • Perfect your social networking sites
  • Generate campaign ideas
  • Develop a customised social media plan
  • Design campaign visuals
  • Draw up content calendar


5. Digital Storytelling – Discover that Content is King

  • Consider the Content for each relevant social networkign site
  • Planning content
  • Creating content
  • Content-Led Campaigns


6. Increase Profits with Social Media

  • 5 Ways to make money from social media
  • The Business of Social Media
  • Measuring Social Investment


7. Using Linkedin for Research

  • Recruit staff
  • Search competitors
  • Connecting and sharing
  • Finding customers
  • Building your brand


8. Give Your SEO an Organic Boost with YouTube

  • Making videos on a budget
  • Video Tools
  • Video Apps
  • Your own YouTube channel
  • SEO for YouTube
  • Embedding and Sharing video


9. Become SEO Savvy

  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO?
  • Technical SEO
  • Improving SEO


10. Tell the Story of Your Brand – Blogging

  • What is Blogging?
  • Setting up a Blog
  • Blogging for your business
  • Promoting your blog

For further details in relation to the availability of the scheme in your area contact your LEO which can be found on www.localenterprise.ie   Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 16.16.08

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