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Joanne Sweeney and her 20-year old daughter Sophie have been speaking, writing and developing educational resources on the topic of Digital Citizenship (based on Mike Rabble’s ‘Digital Etiquette’ theme) for the past four years. Joanne parented Sophie through the digital revolution and together they set down mutual ground rules on social media and digital technology use – both from a parent and a teens’ perspective.

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Joanne and Sophie Speaking
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Joanne and Sophie speak at conferences, in schools, address parents’ groups on a range of topics falling under the broad theme of Digital Citizenship.

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Sharing our knowledge and experiences to ensure we promote the safe, savvy and ethical use of the Internet. Here is our “Empowering Generation Z” presentation from the Digital Citizenship Summit UK which took place in Bournemouth University.

View our presentation above or here: Empowering Generation Z #DigCitSummitUK

Kaspersky Lab Safe Kids Content
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Developing a suite of eLearning resources to empower Generation Z in the digital age. Sign-up for details below.

Our work is provided free to Kaspersky Lab Safe Kids customers. We also developed a suite of content for their website.

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Working with schools and parents to develop in-class resources and practical workbooks on cyberbullying, digital citizenship, privacy and other themes for teens and tweens.

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We work in Ireland and abroad to ensure Governments understand their role in Digital Citizenship.

Love your Online Reputation
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Online Reputation

Providing workshops, training and resources for businesses and individuals on how to manage their reputation in the digital age.

Joanne and Sophie DonegalDaily PR
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Joanne and Sophie are media contributors on topics relating to Digital Citizenship.
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The Digital Citizenship Summit (#DigCitSummit ) is an annual conference that brings together all stakeholders involved in safe, savvy, and ethical social media and tech use.
Find out more here.