More than half of the people on earth now use social media

Social media use 2020

Originally posted on We Are Social by Simon Kemp on 21 July 2020 *** The phrase goes… there are only two certainties in life – taxes and death. However, I want to add a third – social media use is growing. A report published last week stated that more than half the world’s population is now active on social media. Put simply, this means that more people now use social media than do not. This milestone is all the more impressive when we consider that most social media companies restrict the use of their platforms to people aged 13 and

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❤️ Top 10 Love Quotes for Digital Marketers ❤️

When February swings around, digital marketers are busy developing love-fuelled campaigns for their clients or the organisations they work for. So it got me thinking…what does love mean to us creative folk that spend our days, and often our nights, online? I’ve created my top 10 love quotes for Digital Marketers. ❤️I scored 10/10! 💯  I’d love to know how you did? 😁👇  Let me know how many yes’ you have, send me a tweet to @jstweetsdigital Let me know how many yes’ you have, send me a tweet to @JSTweetsDigital [WATCH & SHARE ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER AND FACEBOOK] 1. Love is being

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