[SURVEY] Re-Connecting Donegal Diaspora With Home

Donegal Connect

  Campaign to Attract Diaspora to Donegal in 2018 Launched Donegal Association launches survey to explore interest in Donegal Connect, a week-long series of activities to be held next year Take the survey now and have your say on Donegal Connect 2018. The Donegal Association in Dublin in conjunction with Donegal County Council has plans to reconnect the Diaspora with their homeland in 2018. Branded Donegal Connect,  the week-long series of activities is aimed at reconnecting emigrants with their home county on a number of levels.   [WATCH] Interview with Niamh Walsh, Donegal Association in Dublin about Donegal Connect  

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Data Protection & Marketing Infographic

Here’s a great infographic by Neon SMS about Direct Marketing and Data Protection. Source: http://www.neonsms.ie/blog/data-protection-marketing-infographic/ by Leigh- Ann Carroll Direct marketing and data protection are intertwined, adhering to good data protection policies not only protects consumer data but also protects marketing companies. The European Commission is currently reviewing European data protection policies, in an effort to catch up with the rapidly expanding world of direct marketing. From email marketing to SMS marketing the new European policy proposals will have a lasting effect on the way in which direct marketers interact with their customers. This infographic gives tips on data protection compliance, an

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13 Stats to Help Your Good Facebook Posts Get Even Better

Here is a great blog post from Post Planner on 13 ways to help get your Facebook Posts even better.   Source: http://www.postplanner.com/stats-to-help-good-facebook-posts-get-better/   Are you a small business owner wondering what to post on Facebook? Some experts say photos are best. Others say text-only updates. And many pages only post links — hoping articles entice their fans to Like, share & comment on their posts. Guess what… they’re all right! It just depends on your page. After managing Facebook pages for the past 5 years, I’ve learned that what works today may not work next week. Facebook changes constantly — as do the preferences of its users!

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