[PODCAST] Digital Citizenship in the Classroom and the Boardroom

Digital Citizenship SummitJSB takes to the stage (virtually) to discuss digital citizenship in the boardroom.

The Digital Citizenship Summit is committed to changing conversations and culture around technology and social media use.

Digital Citizenship Summit

The 4th annual Digital Citizenship Summit (DigCitSummit) took place at Webster University in St. Louis on September 22, 2018, organised by the Digital Citizenship Institute.

Hundreds of influencers from a range of specialist areas, varying locations and across a wide age group attended the 4th Annual Digital Citizenship Summit.

The Digital Citizenship Summit is a gathering of digital citizenship enthusiasts and influencers from around the world. Our conference theme was from the classroom to the boardroom — it’s everyone’s responsibility. Joanne Sweeney-Burke, the CEO of the Digital Training Institute and creator of the Accredited Diploma Public Sector Marketing Pros joined us from Ireland to discuss corporate social responsibility. We have always advocated that digital citizenship needs to be at school, at home and at the work.

Much has changed in the digital world since the inaugural DigCitSummit in 2015. That’s why the need for such an event exists. The aim of the game is staying up to date, planning and preparing for the future and embracing new digital advancements. #digcitweekend featured expert speakers and interactive workshops centered around global digital citizenship. The event shared knowledge through panel discussions, breakout sessions and student showcases. Both online and offline issues were discussed, and solutions and practical tips shared.

The Digital Citizenship Summit is a gathering of digital citizenship enthusiasts and influencers from around the world Click To Tweet

International Speakers

World class speakers and experts took to the stage. Brad Waid, Julie Smith, Dr. Sarah Thomas, Brian Romero Smith, Mandy Froehlich and Dr. Kurt Jefferson to name but a few, and all with a shared vision to embrace the digital age and

Long have I been an advocate for empowering citizens to embrace digital. To use it in a responsible and useful way so it was a natural partnership. I believe in the power of the internet, it can help all of us – it only requires understanding.

Digital Citizenship is everyone's responsibility. From the classroom to the boardroom, we have to ask ourselves, are we playing our part? Children and CEO's have a lot in common - they are digital influencers who can transform our… Click To Tweet


Sharing Knowledge and Experience

The beauty of events like Dig Cit Summit is the opportunity to learn from one another.  I was joined by fellow educators – all with insights and stories to share. My digital journey is still evolving. I am taking charge of the digital skills gap in the public sector but my knowledge sharing extends to all manner of organisations, groups and individuals. Digital communications can, and should, apply to everyone. Check out my segment on the panel discussion below.

If you would like help in managing your digital communications, contact us or reach out on any of our social networks.

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