Cyber Bullying Module for Schools

Anti Social Media Behaviour – Cyber Bullying Module


The issue of cyber bullying is becoming greater, especially among teens online. In February this year the National Association of Principles and Deputy Principles called upon the Government to introduce a National Policy to tackle Cyber Bullying after a survey found that there was a 33% increase in Cyber-Bullying since last year.

Digital Training Institute Managing Director and Young Minds Online Founder, Joanne Sweeney-Burke has backed the calls by NAPD to establish formal training for teens and parents in social media and has now developed a course for students and teens to help tackle Cyber Bullying.

“I believe that our course can help provide some answers to the ongoing concerns of schools and parents about cyber-bullying and the lack of education in this field.”

Course Specification

Duration: 6 weeks

1 Double Class Introductory workshop

1 class per week for 4 weeks / Task orientated

Final report and review on week 6

Cost: €7.15 per student per class (8 classes) / €50 in total



Joanne Sweeney-Burke of Digital Training Institute will deliver an introductory workshop on social media and cyberbullying. This will give a good foundation for the tasks in the student’s workbooks (double class).

The following 4 weeks will involve students completing tasks during their SPHE class facilitated by the Teacher.

All questions are answered in the workbooks – online or hard copy.

At the end of the 5 weeks Joanne will return and do a round up on the student’s responses compiling a report for the school. This will be useful for the school, parents and students and can help you draw up a social media / cyberbullying policy for the school.  I will present my findings and recommendations to the class.


Week 1

Double Class

Introduction to Social Media

Protecting Your Privacy

What is Cyberbullying?

Online Behaviour & Language

Week 2

Task 1: Write down the social networking sites you are active on

Task 2: Write down 5 reasons why you are on those sites

Task 3: Students are shown a series of social media posts/screenshots and are asked to comment on them

Week 3

Who’s Behind the Screen?

Task: Role Play

Scenario: A student in your class has made a rude comment about another student in your class on a photo on Facebook.

Real You: You confront the person at school and in person – what do you say, how do you react?

Virtual You: What do you say, how do you react?

Will you tell somebody else?

If so, who?

Or will you join in?

 Week 4

Task: Choose One Social Networking Site e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Write down 5 statements/posts that would be considered as cyber bullying

Write down 5 ways in which you could write the same posts which would not be considered as cyber-bullying.

 Week 5

Task: Group task – design an anti cyberbullying poster for your school.

It needs:

–       a campaign name

–       an image

–       a message on why not to be a cyberbully

  Week 6

Joanne will return to the school and present her report on your school’s attitude to cyberbullying and what we have all learned as a result.


Further Information

Joanne Sweeney-Burke  087-6237373 / [email protected]  

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