Don’t Recycle Blog Posts, Upcycle Them

Make your Blog Posts current, timely and continue to add value to your SEO


Upcycling your blog posts from time to time will give them a better purpose by making them more relevant to whatever is current at the time. Here are a few simple tips on how to make your blog Posts current, timely and continue to add value to your SEO.

1.Upcycle Your Information: Edit old out of date information by updating your blog post and replacing it with new fact, statistics, written content and quotations.


2.Upcycle Your Title: Change the titles of your blog posts to something new, that is relevant to the new information you have added. Creating a more attaractive and current title that will draw in more readers and more importantly new readers.


3.Upcycle Your Visuals: Always add the latest videos or images, upcycle your blog posts by removing or editing images already there  and adding images and videos that are now more relevant and current. By simply doing this you can change the whole look of your blog post.


4.Upcycle Your Links: If you come across articles that share recent updates and information on a topic you have previously blogged about then upcycle your blog by adding that link in and writing a few words about it.


5.Upcycle with Collaborations: Collaborate with someone else, ask them to upcycle some of your blog posts by adding their views or ideas about a topic.


Don’t forget to add new tags to help improve your SEO and once you have upcycled your blog post share it across all of your social media accounts, tell your friends and followers it has been upcycled or give it a totally new caption. If you have an account set up with Google Analytics then keep an eye on the blogs you have upcycled and see how upcycling affects the views on your blog posts.

Happy Upcycling.


Jillian O’Toole,

University of Limerick,

Digital Marketing Intern,

Digital Training Institute.

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