JSB’s Top Takeaways from Youpreneur Summit 2017

JSB's Top Takeaways | Youpreneur Summit 2017

One of the highlights of my 2017 was attending the inaugural Youpreneur Summit 2017 in London. The reason being because Chris Ducker has finally provided a roadmap for entrepreneurs like me who build a business around our personal brand.

I had the opportunity to interview Chris following the Summit and we discussed business, mindset and masterminding!

Watch my interview with Chris Ducker


JSB Fired on The Apprentice

Let me tell you a story.

Six years ago, I got fired on the Irish version the TV Show, The Apprentice because I “wasn’t scalable”. Bill Cullen (the Irish version of Donald Trump and Lord Sugar) said:

“Joanne, you are a fantastic candidate and if it was the series where we employed the winner, you would have won hands down. However, this series is about investing in a business. Your business is based around you and you are not scalable, so for that reason you’re fired!”

But something niggled at me as I truly believed I could and would build a successful business built around my skills, knowledge, personality and ability to deliver results for my ideal client. This is why I bought my ticket to the Youpreneur Summit and I was not disappointed.

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Youpreneur Summit Takeaways

I’m going to share with you, my top takeaways from the event. And if you love my takeaways, then you definitely have to book for 2018. Join the waitlist.


Watch my top takeaways and BTS vlog

Takeaway #1 John Lee Dumas

First up on stage was the totally amazing John Dumas, 55 million downloads of his podcast, 18,000 episodes, he is the original, if there is an original, podcaster.

He told us to add value first before we sell. Don’t become a person of success, become a person of value. Create content that your community needs, then you can sell to them.


Takeaway #2 Mark Asquith

Mark Asquith shared with us the principal of treating your website like a start-up. He says that every website tweak, upgrade, or overhaul needs to be a minimal buyable product.

Ask your customers what you want, get them to test it, and go on from there.


Takeaway #3 Chris Ducker

With the next tip is Chris Ducker himself, and he taught us about the self-awareness test. Write a list, get a page, split it in half, on the left-hand side, write down that you excel at.

Do more of that stuff. What you’re not so good at, to the right-hand side, outsource it or delegate it.


Takeaway #4 Joanna Penn

Authors, you gotta listen up. The next tip is from the amazing Joanna Penn. I particularly loved her session. She talked about repurposing your hard copy book, and I have one of those, and I need to do it, into multiple formats, an audiobook, an ebook, a Kindle book.

She also gave us a great tip on being found on the search engine that is Amazon, the biggest retailer in the whole wide world. Choose your category well, but did you know you can also choose up to 10 subcategories by emailing Amazon.


Takeaway #5 Amy Schmittauer Landino

The next tip comes from the wonderful Amy Schmittauer Landino, who I had on JSB Talks Digital podcast #75, JSB Talks Digital.

So, if you want all of her amazing tips, make your … So, if you want all of her amazing tips, make sure you’re subscribe to JSB Talks Digital on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or SoundCloud, or, of course, you can find it at digitaltraining.ie.

If you want to uplift and elevate your YouTube and your video content, Amy talks about the three types of page, hero, hub, and help.

Amy Schmittauer Landino


Takeaway #6 Colin Gray, The Podcast Host

Colin Gray, also known as The Podcast Host, who’s also been featured on JSB Talks Digital. He talks about how you can achieve goals by planning, and he introduced us to a concept that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s called the board pact.

Now, most of you, like me, don’t have a board of directors, so you don’t have to report to them every month. However, the board pact suggests that you do. So, you write down your financials, you write down what you achieved this month, what you’re planning for the next month, and you also keep your journal entries, every week, as if you were reporting to the board.

This will help you get stuff done.

The Podcast Host


Takeaway #7 Matt Kimberly

The next tip is a sales one from Matt Kimberly, a talk I particularly enjoyed. He kind of pulled at our heartstrings at the beginning. He shared with us the 15 principles of sales where you’re not being sleazy.

And, just one of those principals that I’m going to share with you is that you’ve to to plug into your prospect. You got to have a personal connection with them.


Takeaway #8 John Jantsch, Duck Tape Marketing

The next tip comes from Duck Tape marketing man, John Jantsch. His marketing process is used by hundreds of thousands of marketers, right across the world, and he was on the stage at the Youpreneur Summit.

So, one of his greatest takeaways is, speak to your clients to find out exactly what their problems are. If you’re not speaking to at least on client every month, to establish their pain points, so that you can … If you’re not speaking to your customers, at least once a month, to see what their pain points are, so that you could provide a solution, then you’re missing a trick.

Train your brain for success with inspiration. Train your brain for success with visualization.


Takeaway #9 Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

The next tip comes from the inspiring Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association, and might sound like a cliche, but the girl was awesome onstage.

I’ve seen her online, but actually to be there in the room with her, she’s got a massive presence. She says that we need to condition ourselves for success, and this is something that I personally struggle with.

She says that you need to train your brain for success with visualization. And she told us the most wonderful story of her being up for an entrepreneur award with 26 others, and the visualized being on the stage, accepting her award, and getting her prize. It did happen, her visualization came true.

And her other little nugget of advice is, see yourself there and you will get there.


Takeaway #10 Mark Morrison, The Membership Guys

The next tip comes from Mark Morrison, not the singer from the 90s, but co-founder of The Membership Guys. But he talked about recurring monthly revenue.

We all want one of those, right? We all want that passive income, but don’t be mistaken, it certainly takes work. And his little takeaway, for me, was you need to establish, in the first instance, what is a need that’s going to be recurring, and then you’ve got to solve it.


Takeaway #11 Chris Ducker

Next tip from Chris Ducker. We all have to be somebody’s favourite, and he doesn’t mean your husband, your wife, your children, or your dog.

He’s talking about the people in our online community who come to us because they love what we produce or what we say. We all have to be somebody’s favourite.

So, you have to discover what makes you, you, what makes you unique? And, in doing this, you create your unique Youpreneur brand statement.


Takeaway #12 Russel James

The next tip comes from Russel James, who told a very personal story on stage, and he shared with us what you need to do when you’re really want to give up. Those days that you want to press pause on your life, as if you had a TV remote, and you want to put the quilt cover over your head and just avoid the day.

So, he says that we must become crafts people of our business. Do things, write content that we absolutely love, and this will transfer onto our community, and they will love us for it.

Keep going. Taking action.


Takeaway #13 Pat Flynn

The next tip comes from the wonderful Pat Flynn, a very close friend of Chris Ducker.

As you know, when I went to social medial marketing world in 2016, the last session that I attended was Chris Ducker and Pat Flynn talking about podcasting and why we should podcast. That was the impetus that I needed to start JSB Talks Digital.

Now, I didn’t get a chance to see Pat Flynn at Youpreneur, because I had to go and catch a plane to London. However, during our brief chat, and you can see the photo of me and Pat together, he said to me that, actually, taking action is both the hardest and the simplest step.

Taking action will pay off. And, believe me, JSB Talks Digital has paid off big time for my business.


Takeaway #14 JSB

The final words go to you and me, I guess, as entrepreneurs, the world needs you, the world needs me, and I am here and JSB is here for you, and this is exactly why I’m doing this vlog in the cold, in London, with my coat off, and I hope I don’t miss my plane.

Find out more about Chris Ducker, and his Youpreneur Community at: http://www.chrisducker.com/

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