9 Ways to Target Email Marketing for Your Field Service Business

9 Ways to Target Email Marketing for Your Field Service Business

Email Marketing for Your Field Service BusinessAll sorts of broad marketing statements have been made about email marketing. Some say it’s dead and that inbound is the only way to go while others swear by sending personalized emails to every lead or past customer. However, when it comes to field services, email is a powerful tool for reaching out to potential customers during times in which they will need you most.

Correctly targeting your email overtures to both large groups and specific people takes a combination of research, intuition, and a casual attitude about hearing back from any particular lead. For every person that gets back to you immediately, there will be ten or more who delete the email without a thought and one or two who may contact you months in the future, remembering your offer when they really do need your services. It is for these people that you send the emails because every need you fill is a valuable happy customer. Almost any type of service offered in the field, from appliance installation to roofing repairs, has a large variety of potential clients to choose from, and each of them might be receptive to an email marketing offers. Here are nine examples of people who will have a high potential interest in your services.


1) Busy Parents

While there are always a few exceptions, in most modern families both parents work full-time jobs. Their time is at a premium as they do their best to create the right balance between work and caring for their children at home. This means that busy parents have neither the time nor energy to do their own repairs and many go so far as to hire cleaning and yard services in order to keep all their bases covered without sacrificing valuable time needed for homework and soccer games. Offering your services to families dealing with the classic two-income time crunch has a good chance of gleaning responses as busy parents see an opportunity to get another item crossed off their endless ‘to-do’ lists.


2) New Residents

Moving into a new home is an incredibly active and hopeful experience. New residents, buyers and renters alike, spend the first few months getting used to their new home including all the little wiring and plumbing quirks. As much as they may love the property, there’s almost always a few things that residents wish they could fix and you are the solution. Discovering that your taps run hard water, the toilets clog when faced with normal usage or that the carpets still smell faintly of the previous residents’ dogs are all very good reasons to call for a field services team to come help them make their new home a cozy place ready for happy memories.


3) Past Customers

Due to the intermittent nature of many field services, it’s not always guaranteed that a past customer will come back to you. However, they are likely to remember your earlier assistance fondly and, if reminded, might be happy to call on your services again. Sending out friendly emails to clients from the past is a wonderful way to both thank them for their previous patronage and remind your customers that you are available any time they need you. This may cause them to remember a maintenance issue they’d been meaning to take care of or simply refresh your contact information in their minds for the next issue that may require your attention.


4) People Moving Out

Leaving a home you have lived in for some time is a long process of tying up loose ends and preparing to transplant your life to a new location. This is the perfect time to offer repair, cleaning, and maintenance services as many people care about leaving behind a polished space when they’re gone. This is especially important to renters for whom the cost of your service may be much less than their security deposit. Sending out emails to people who you have identified as in the relocation process is a great way to offer just-in-time services to those who need you most. Many renters will need things like last-minute cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to things like plumbing, cabinetry, carpets, and their HVAC systems and more than a few will seek out lawn services as well.

Email Marketing for Field Service Companies

Source: mhelpdesk.com

5) Small Businesses

The needs of small businesses and homeowners often overlap, especially so when the business itself is home-based. You may get a surprising number of responses by offering affordable services to a variety of small businesses in your local area. These venues need things like carpet and ventilation cleaning as much as any other high-traffic area and unlike big businesses, they are often at maximum staff and performance capacity so any extra work must be hired in. With a few strategic emails, your field teams could soon be involved in a lucrative wave of maintenance and repairs for several small businesses in the area.


6) Independent Elderly

As people age, they become less able to take care of their own homes but most will choose not to downsize if they can help it. The result is a large population of independent elderly people for whom normal chores and maintenance tasks have begun to fall by the wayside. While often they have a home service or attentive family members to help with the daily things, many people who once handled their own repairs will now need your services to keep their homes in good condition. Emails offering your professional assistance are a great way to introduce yourself to a friendly aging population of people who will need your help on a regular basis.


7) Property Managers

No one needs more repairs and maintenance done than busy property managers. This is an entire industry of people who manage the maintenance and turnover of rental properties. It is their job to make sure utilities and appliances get fixed for residents and they are the ones responsible for the full clean-up between tenants. While there are many maintenance tasks that property managers usually take care of themselves, some things will always require a team of professionals and you want to be on their roster. The more property managers you know, the more properties you could be called on to service.


9) Airbnb Hosts

There is a new niche market that doesn’t officially fall into previous standard categories. Airbnb hosts of full-unit listings are investment property owners who are not residents, landlords, or property managers. They are responsible for maintaining the quality of homes and apartments they book like hotel rooms for a few nights to a few months per client.

Airbnb is an incredibly lucrative business done well and it’s worth it to these hosts to maintain optimal conditions. By sending out a few emails, you can show that you understand their need for speed and quality and volunteer yourself to become each host’s go-to repair and maintenance service.

The communities surrounding your field services business are rich with opportunities and people who would be both welcoming and grateful for your assistance and email marketing is a great way to reach out to them.

Friendly, casual emails offering special deals, discounts, and useful information about your services are sure to bring in a few new customers, especially when you know who to target.

Whether you become the security-deposit saver or a property manager’s favourite service, you’ll be glad you put together a strong email marketing campaign.

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