Snapchat Stories Vs Instagram Stories

Snapchat Stories Versus Instagram Stories

Are you a Snapchat or Instagram fan? Perhaps you use both social apps? But when it comes to the stories feature we are posing the question: Snapchat Stories versus Instagram stories, which side are you on? Personally, I’m a Snapchtter mad-hatter and love the personalisation of the stories I create daily. I also re-purpose them for sharing on Facebook primarily. Video is a major marketing tool and will become even more important as 80% of content on the Internet will be video in just a few years. Snapchat has 150 million daily users captures video very well with its very popular Snapchat Stories

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What is a digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is a data trail left by interactions in a digital environment including the use of television, mobile phones, the world wide web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors. Digital footprint provides data on what has been preformed in the digital environment, and that data can be used in behavioral targeting & economics, personalisation, targeted marketing, digital reputation, social influence and social media or social graphing services. In Social Media a digital footprint can refer to the size of a persons “online presence” measured by the number of individuals by whom they interact. (Wikipedia) Whenever you click,

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