❤️ Top 10 Love Quotes for Digital Marketers ❤️

When February swings around, digital marketers are busy developing love-fuelled campaigns for their clients or the organisations they work for.

So it got me thinking…what does love mean to us creative folk that spend our days, and often our nights, online?

I’ve created my top 10 love quotes for Digital Marketers.

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Let me know how many yes’ you have, send me a tweet to @JSTweetsDigital


1. Love is being #1 on Google for your most valuable long-tail keyword

2. Algorithms are like men, they flex their muscles with attention

3. When you have a crush on your Facebook Ads Account Manager, because they finally know more than you

4. Love, at first sight, is birthing your new podcast

5. When you’d rather get a conversion rate of 2% than 12 red roses

6. When February swings around and you’re more anxious about your Valentine’s Day marketing than receiving love notes

7. One should always be in love…with their content!

8. When your Insta Story gets more love than you, your heart skips a beat

9. Behind every successful digital marketer is a love of storytelling

10. You’re never alone on Valentine’s Day, if you’re on social media

Love every day, not just on February 14th.

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