5 Ways to Boost your Digital Marketing CV

5 Ways to Boost your Digital Marketing CV

Good news! Digital marketing jobs are on the rise. However, it’s also a highly competitive industry, which means in order to stand out, you need to ensure you have a strong digital marketing CV.

If you’re already a digital marketer, or are looking to get into the industry, here are our five ways to improve your digital marketing CV and help you land that dream digital marketing career.

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1.    Tailor your digital marketing CV to the company

Digital Marketing CV

It may sound like obvious advice, but it’s one that is often overlooked. People usually adopt a generic CV in an attempt to cast out to as many recruiters or companies as possible. This is a bad idea as it shows a lack of effort and research into the company and can be spotted a mile away.

So, do your research, study the job description and figure out the company culture to avoid your CV going straight into the digital bin.

Once you’ve made the effort to understand the company, this will naturally steer your CV in the right direction and show that you have a genuine interest in working for this employer.


2.    Add facts and figures

Often, digital marketing requires a head for data, so why not do the same for your CV. Including numbers can help a recruiter understand the scope of your current and previous jobs. It also demonstrates your knowledge in that particular field and validates your key skills.

For example, was there a moment you increased customer engagement or won a certain percentage of new clients? Add it in because quantifying your results with facts and figures will only enhance your credibility.


3.    Include relevant links

In today’s world, you can benefit from taking advantage of the fact that your CV is digital and using it as means of self-promotion.

Adding links to your digital marketing CV will not only help demonstrate your knowledge in the industry, but by using the correct anchor text, it also helps to validate your experience with examples of your work.

So if you have a portfolio or blog that you want to share, then add a link so the recruiter can see it and confirm any claims you’ve made.

In today's world, you can benefit from taking advantage of the fact that your CV is digital and using it as means of self-promotion. - @CVLibrary Click To Tweet


4.    Shout about your qualifications

Having a professional qualification is a great way of certifying your digital marketing CV. A digital marketing certification will help exhibit your willingness to learn and grow within the business.

It’s also an effective way of proving that you’re capable of doing the job and have the right attitude towards learning. Finally, it shows that you’re passionate about digital marketing and will help your CV stand out from the crowd.


5.    Use a clear format

Being a little creative with your digital marketing CV is fine and adding relevant links and figures will certainly help. However, always make sure that your CV is easy to read and clearly formatted.

The last thing an employer wants to see is a wall of text, so break each section into small digestible chunks that are carefully labelled with headings and subheadings.

Alongside this, ensure that your font doesn’t distract the reader from your key aspects. Arial or Calibri should do the trick.


Extra advice on boosting your digital marketing CV

Becoming a digital marketer takes discipline; make sure you exhibit this by thoroughly proofreading your CV not just once, but again and again. You should then get someone else to read it once more as a final check.

It’s a competitive industry, but applying these steps will immediately boost your digital marketing CV and increase your chances of success in the digital jobs market.

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