Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

Updated Guide to Facebook Ad Placements

Facebook has long graduated from being a plain social network to becoming a versatile advertising platform.

Guide to Facebook Advertising

If you’re operating a business, you can use Facebook to market your brand, products, or services directly to users of the largest and most popular social network in the land. And what’s great about advertising on Facebook is that you get to communicate your message in a way that resembles the form, function, or content of the platform. There are many ways of communicating your messages with your audiences, posts, groups and good old advertising!

This makes it easy for Facebook users to warm up to your promotions, instead of driving them away because they get served with traditional, obtrusive ads, for instance.

Creating Engaging Ads

As long as your ads are engaging enough, you can generate the likes, comments, and shares that you’re aiming for. Speaking of engaging ads here, most importantly, there are certain guidelines that you have to follow when advertising on Facebook. These include knowing your objectives in advertising, and from there, you can decide where to place your ads. Facebook helps you determine which type of ad placement best supports your advertising goals. If you haven’t explored the value of Facebook advertising for businesses, you can do some initial reading through this featured infographic.

In the below updated guide from spiralytics, you’ll learn the different ad placements, ad types, and other basic information to get you started in Facebook advertising.

Choosing your ad placement

There are a variety of options to choose when placing your Facebook Ads. Where, will be based on the audience you want to target. Are they desktop users or mobile users? Do you want your ads to stand out or blend in as users scroll? Don’t forget to include Instagram, and also Messenger. Messenger, in particular is relatively untested as it is the newest option for advertising. With this in mind, it makes good sense to spread you advertising placement across the available options. And above all else, monitor progress and adapt!

Get help!

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