Social Media Trends in Ireland May 2014

Ipsos MRBI have released their Social Networking Quarterly report on the trends in Ireland. It paints a clear picture of how many people in Ireland are using social media sites and what trends are emerging.

Here we summarise the key findings which prove we are a nation of social chatterboxes.

  • 62% of the population aged 15 years and above are members of Facebook and just over two thirds of these account holders use Facebook daily
  • Facebook is now at its highest number of users since it was introduced in Ireland
  • 30% of people use Twitter
  • 1 in 10 people tweet daily
  • 26% use LinkedIn which is an increase however, the number of active users is only 17%
  • 20% use Google+

In this report Ipsos MRBI recorded new social networking site trends for the first time such as Tinder at 4%, Plenty of Fish at 2% and Grinder at 1%.

With rapid changes happening in social media, we must remember to stay safe and mind our online reputation. Most of us now have between 3 and 5 social media accounts and best practice while posting, sharing, liking and commenting is key.

SM Trends - IRL


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