My Forthcoming Book on Law Enforcement & Social Media

I will publish my first book on the 25th February in the Irish Writer’s Centre in Dublin. It’s a trade publication providing an in-depth analysis of how law enforcement agencies around the world use social media to aid policing duties. The book is being published by Indie publishing house Book Hub Publishing. 

Why then did I publish a book when I am working in the digital sphere?  During my academic research of this subject I realised there was a dearth of current and available information in this area. Moreover, my book provides a strategic and holistic overview of how social media has and will change policing the world over. While there are blog posts and online articles and commentary, there are very few books which give an overarching view or discuss law enforcement and social media communications in any great detail.

I have a chapter dedicated to An Garda Síochána which I researched in great depth last year. I’ve been studying this topic for the past 18 months and I’m really looking forward to sharing my research with those in law enforcement, digital marketing and social media professionals, researchers, media and students.

This book is niche and will have a niche following but it’s an area I have a huge interest in, so much so I will also launch a complementary website at my book launch. I intend to continue my work in this field and the website will be update regularly with blog posts, guest interviews, infographics, trends and commentary on new developments. The hard copy book along with an eBook will be available for sale on my website, my publishers website and on Amazon.

I’ve also set up a dedicated Facebook Page and a Twitter account so do follow if you share my interest in this subject matter.

If you have any comments or want to pre-order a copy email [email protected].

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