JSB’s Digital Diaries | JSB Talks Digital Vlog Episode #7

JSB's Digital Diaries

I love to take my readers, viewers and listeners out and about with me on JSB’s Digital Diaries. The content also proves useful for my blog, vlog and podcast as I ask people about their views on a range of social media and digital marketing topics.

JSB's Digital DiariesCome behind the scenes of Digital Training Institute with Joanne Sweeney-Burke. This vlog is for marketers, business owners, bloggers and those of you taking your skills into the Digital Age. Joanne will teach you digital marketing and social media tips, tactics and strategies in this weekly vlog released every Monday.




Come on a journey, join JSB’s Digital Diaries

I’m always on the go, always sharing digital stories and helping my clients tell them.

Among the clients on this particular week’s were sisters, politicians, business owners and teachers who learned the art of strategic social media.

I also had a photoshoot and played some Aussie Rules players!

So join me on my travels in this episode of the vlog featuring JSB’s Digital Diaries.


Watch JSB Talks Digital Vlog – JSB’s Digital Diaries

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