OMG! JSB Talks Digital Finalist in the OMiG Awards

OMiG Awards Finalist 2017

It’s almost our first birthday at JSB Talks Digital the podcast and we are delighted to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the 2017 OMiG Awards. We are in two categories: 1) Best Digital Marketing (under 10 employees) plus 2) People’s Choice Award.

I’ve been podcasting for almost a full year (50 episodes in the podcast bank) and I’m really happy about this social proof from my digital peers. It’s a real honour but it’s also public recognition of the quality and value of the podcast.

I committed a year ago to producing a weekly show on social media and digital marketing.  The 20-minute show has six features which I created to keep my listeners interested and engaged.

JSB Talks Digital Podcast

  • Social media news – what’s news in social media;
  • Interview of the week – a guest talks to me on a specific topic;
  • Shoutouts – to three people, brands or organisations that are remarkable online and worth talking about;
  • Ask JSB – my listeners ask me their burning social media or digital marketing questions and I answer them on air;
  • JSB’s column – I have my say on what’s on my mind; and
  • The social media tool that saved my working week.


Thank you to everyone who voted!

I broadcast a video on Facebook to ask people to vote for me in the People’s Choice category, so a big thank you to everyone who did. The video had over 1,500 views so I’m sure many of you who saw it, clicked to vote. So for that, thanks so very much.

The results!

The awards night takes place this Friday 26th May at a ceremony in the Black Box Theatre.  I have my fingers and toes crossed! Stay tuned to find out more!

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