OMG! JSB Talks Digital Finalist in the OMiG Awards

OMiG Awards Finalist 2017

It’s almost our first birthday at JSB Talks Digital the podcast and we are delighted to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the 2017 OMiG Awards. We are in two categories: 1) Best Digital Marketing (under 10 employees) plus 2) People’s Choice Award. I’ve been podcasting for almost a full year (50 episodes in the podcast bank) and I’m really happy about this social proof from my digital peers. It’s a real honour but it’s also public recognition of the quality and value of the podcast. I committed a year ago to producing a weekly show on social

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2015 OMiG Finalist for Best Website

Hey did you hear the news? We are an OMiG award finalist for Best Website and we made it as far as a semi-finalist for Best Blog. We are delighted that Digital Training Institute has made it to the finals of the Online Marketing in Galway awards for a second year running. I am thrilled to be judged and awarded by peers in the industry. The OMiG awards are a really fantastic opportunity for small businesses to showcase their passions and their work. Founder and organiser Maricka Burke-Keogh says, “With over 200 applications for our second year running we are

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