[INFOGRPAHIC] 20 Marketing Tactics To Attract Qualified Leads To Your Website

How to grow qualified leads for your website by Digital Training Institute

Having qualified leads for your business is vital. If you are serious about your offline and online marketing activities then you must be able to measure results. One critical way to do this is to grow qualified leads for your business. This infographic depicts the way in which you can warm up prospects while qualifying them for sales. I’ve based this on my own marketing, PR and digital tactics so I can say for certain it works!

What is a qualified lead?

“The identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service.” – Wikipedia

“A marketing qualified lead is a prospect that has come through expressing interest in one’s product and then converting into a lead.” – TrackMaven.com Marketing Dictionary


How do leads (or prospects) find companies?

Leads find companies through very many channels. Digital marketing technologies allow marketers to capture and analyze lead intelligence wherever it originates. So it’s possible to follow your prospects as they go through your sales funnel.

Forbes conducted research into lead nurturing and found that 27% of leads never get contacted. Yet with a combination of awareness, best practices, and technology; companies can contact around 92% of leads.



{INFOGRAPHIC} 20 offline and online marketing tactics that you can action to attract qualified leads to your website.

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