A Meeting of Digital Citizenship Minds: #DigCitSummitUK

A Meeting of Digital Citizenship Minds

I participate in, and attend very many conferences, seminars and summits (the new buzzword in the event scene), but this weekend I had the opportunity to speak alongside my daughter Sophie at the second international Digital Citizenship Summit held in Bournemouth, England. The event was co-organised by Marialice Curran and William Jenkins within two short months from two different continents. Thanks to David Pollard, founder of Learning Tech Labs in Dublin for introducing me to this network. Are you interested in joining #DigiChat? Be sure to! What is Digital Citizenship? Let me first explain the concept of digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship can be

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Promoting Youth Digital Citizenship at UK Summit


My daughter Sophie and I will speak at the Digital Citizenship Summit UK on 23rd January at Bournemouth University. We will deliver a presentation on how we can empower young people to protect themselves online and share examples of our work to achieve this through Young Minds Online and other initiatives. Sophie and I have been working on course material for teens and tweens since 2013 and have presented to the Irish Government, international corporations, schools and parents. We are passionate about digital citizenship and are excited to be part of the #DigCitSummitUK community. The event is being organised by an

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