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There are very many reasons why we need to protect Young Minds Online. As a mother of two children and a regular speaker and mentor in schools, Joanne found that while tweens and teens are up to date with social technologies, their appreciation for protecting their online privacy and reputation is minimal. Joanne has also long held the idea that very often parents aren’t aware of the pitfalls or indeed advantages of social. And so they cannot be of help in trying online situations.

Joanne began thinking quite seriously about this topic and decided that she could and should do something about it. So in conjunction with her 18-year old daughter Sophie she set about developing a new course for Transition Year students.

Why we need to protect Young Minds Online

Joanne and Sophie Burke


Young Minds Online is a seven month course broken down into six modules as follows:

  • Managing your Online Reputation
  • A Social Media Use Policy for Teenagers
  • Putting Young Heads on Old Shoulders
  • Survey of Social Media
  • Developing the Digital Footprint of Your School
  • Anti Social Media Behaviour

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It costs €150 per student and covers the following:

– Course Brochure

–  Workbooks for each Module

– Online Mentoring (Facebook Group, Google Group, Google Drive, Skype)

– Bi-Monthly School Visits

– End of year Showcase

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The course is being rolled out in Salerno Secondary School Salthill and we have been getting great feedback from the students.

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We are currently doing up our diary for March and April and scheduling presentations to schools around the country. If you would like a free presentation for your school, please contact us at [email protected]. The presentation will last 30 minutes and will go through each of the the course modules and how the course will be implemented in your school.


Watch Young Minds Online Video 

Download the Young Minds Online Brochure here.



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