My Year of Transformation with Sigrun | Why You Need SOMBA


“My year of transformation, could be your year of transformation.”

SOMBA is the answer. Read my story below to find out why.

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Learning Sigrun’s Online MBA framework which goes through the 7 stages of building a profitable online business.


Swinging from the Pendulum

It may sound like a cliché, but don’t tune out. I truly transformed my business this year after I committed to giving it the focus it deserved. I’ve been described as many things in business, but probably the most consistent terms I hear from my community is The Content Queen. I produce content at the digital speed of light (well not that fast), but I do write an average of 20,000 words per week.

“I needed a focus which would give me direction, inspired by my passion”

After attending the Pendulum Summit in Dublin in January I realised that I needed a business coach. This personal development conference for entrepreneurs and executives opened my eyes to the concept of investing in me.

I had a stark realisation that I had spent my life, personal and professional, just doing it my way and ploughing on regardless. I learned by doing, I took action to achieve and I was motivated by a challenge.

But I had a moment of clarity, actually, quite a number of moments of clarity, when speaker after speaker dropped a light-bulb bomb!

“Jack Canfield didn’t tell me to get a 12th qualification. Nope.

Keith Cunningham told me I needed to take more thinking time.

John Di Martini told me to follow my passions – ‘do what inspires you, not what motivates you.

Lisa Nichols told me to lodge a dollar every day in the bank of me and to invest in myself.

Robin Sharma warned me about putting my ladder against the wrong wall.”


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Hiring my First Business Coach

It was time to hire in help! After all, the best performers, athletes and business minds have coaches.

I had been watching and consuming content from an Icelandic red-loving entrepreneur for about 18 months. Sigrun (so cool, she doesn’t need to use a surname) emailed me late one Monday night. I was in bed and it was the third week in January. She had announced a waiting list for her VIP Mastermind. I clicked on the link and expressed an interest.

The following day I got a message from Sigrun to say a place had come up and if I wanted to jump on a call with her. The rest they say, is history.


Making the Decision

  • I joined Sigrun’s Mastermind
  • I opened my mind and my business heart to another person, Sigrun
  • I listened, heard, challenged my own thinking and committed to making hard decisions
  • Sigrun helped me develop my direction, my niche – it was digital transformation with a focus on the public sector


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JSB in conversation with Sigrun

  Where I Was How I Grew
Not Focused Taking on all types of client work Focused now on specific sectors and type of work
Business Model Implementing digital marketing strategy which was labour-intensive, time-consuming and required me to either grow my team or take a new approach. I now only provide consulting and training services as well as paid-for speaking opportunities.
Congruence No congruence in my offline business and online business My consulting and training clients now match my online business model and I’ve set out 8 online courses which will be 8 chapters of my book.
Letting Go of Clients I had to let go of clients and guaranteed revenue to move forward but I felt scared to do so, who’s going to let go of €100k per year? The new space letting go of those clients created was invaluable to help me now only focus on my vision but also to grow my business.
Frustrated I felt stuck and lacking vision I discovered what I wanted which helped me make a plan.
Mindset I was in my own way, I had a block about building an online business. I had produced knowledge products before but got paralysed at the point of launch. I watched my Mastermind colleagues do 6-figure launches and learn from their processes and approach and began to chart my own path.
Inspired I wasn’t inspired to build an online business, I felt like it was something I should do because everyone else was doing it. I matched my offline business to my online business and when I reached capacity in my business I was inspired to drive forward with my online business.
Revenue I am a six-figure goal for my online business which I truly believe I can reach. Watch this space.
Sustainability In order to scale myself and my business I have no choice but to go online. Using best practices coupled with a sales process that matche my own vision and goals to create a business that I believe in.
My 2017 Transformation At the beginning I was confused, lacked focus and probably the inspiration 1)    I identified my target audience = marketing and communications professionals

2)    I decided on my knowledge products = 8 x digital transformation modules

3)    Each online module represents a chapter in my second book which I’m currently writing

4)    My client base offline now matches perfectly what I am building online – politics, policing, public policy and private marketing & comms professionals

5)    I don’t take on any business that doesn’t fit into my new model of simply consulting and training only


Building an Online Business, Your Way

There are so many systems and processes and guides and courses online to help you build, grow or accelerate an online business. Just like in the offline world, there are very rarely any unique coaches, consultants or mentors.

But what is unique is the connection between the person you choose to work with and the relationship you develop. This is why I chose to work with Sigrun. I knew we would work well together, that she’d get me, because I got her.

Sigrun ensured that I built a model that worked for me, that sat right with me. She’s not about hype and hysteria. She’s about aligning your style and your values with your potential, but using her formula, SOMBA – Sigrun’s Online MBA.

Don’t get blinkered by what everyone else is doing. Build your business your way, but use the knowledge given to you to accelerate the process by applying best practice.

This my friends is why you need SOMBA.

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