What is LinkedIn?


“In the world of small business and entrepreneurship, the lines between personal and company branding are faint — sometimes nonexistent. Success is about constantly using your personal network to reach new partners, customers, and talent on behalf of your company.” Davis Schneider

LinkedIn is a professional network founded in 2003, It is arguably the world’s largest professional networking platform. Its mission is to connect businesses and professionals from around the globe and open them to a whole new world of networking.

LinkedIn allows you to access people, jobs, news, updates and insights to help you become the best at what you do. LinkedIn also allows you to learn about other companies and them to learn about you. Businesses like Digital Training Institute use LinkedIn to help develop and grow their brand and gain a wider online presence so potential customers can find them easily. By networking through LinkedIn you have the ability to amplify your brand online, connect with other businesses and recruit potential employees.

Here are our top 5 reasons to get LinkedIn:

– LinkedIn helps you and your business gain a wider online presence, this allows your target audience to pinpoint you and find you depending on a number of specific features.

– Having a profile on LinkedIn is like having a current CV online, you have the opportunity to show your connections what skills you have to offer.

– Through networking online you have the ability to make contacts and push yourself as a professional and your business further, helping to make your brand visible to its target audience.

– LinkedIn is different to Facebook in that you can keep in contact with colleagues from your previous job or friends from school without them seeing anything about your personal life.

– LinkedIn also opens you up to many opportunities, you can show your knowledge by taking part in online discussions or even find prospective employees by searching specific features on the networking site.

Jillian O’Toole


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