7 Ways To Use GoAnimate For Video Storytelling

7 Video Storytelling Techniques

Do you struggle with creating online video? Have you discovered GoAnimate?

Video storytelling is a great way to generate engagement online and will ensure you stand out from the digital marketing crowd.

I began using GoAnimate, a video storytelling tool quite a while ago after doing some research on engaging video tools. It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to use it, from creating storyboards to adding music and creating characters and backgrounds.

We’ve included GoAnimate in our Digital Toolbox which is featured on our website’s homepage. We use tools that benefit our business, we teach our students how to use them, and we also use them as part of our client work.

Digital Training Institute's Digital Toolbox

GoAnimate Features

  • Choose a background and themes
  • Choose the type of video you want to create
  • Infographic videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • 2D Animated videos
  • Create your own characters
  • Add in music or record a voice-over
  • Import your own media
  • Publish your video on YouTube or other platform

I’ve included GoAnimate in my article for Social Media Examiner – ‘6 video tools to ignite your social marketing’. I’ve gone into great detail how to use the tool to create video and to date the article has had over 6,300 shares!

Discover six tools for video storytelling to improve your social marketing.


7 types of videos to help you get creative with Go Animate

#1 Promotional video

So not only do I use animated videos in my training materials, I also use them for promotional purposes and even in my consultancy work for clients. This video was used to promote a webinar on Is Your Staff Damaging your Brand OnlineI shared this on social media and kept it really short to ensure people watch until the end.

#2 Tutorial video 

Do you struggle with constantly developing engaging content for your students? Are you afraid of committing death by powerpoint?

I’m a trainer in social media and digital marketing so producing engaging content is a large part of my work. It’s so important to produce rich content that keeps your students interested while communicating knowledge in a fun way. I produced this video for my course Digital PR – Merging Old Techniques and New Technologies.


#3 Conference video

I speak regularly at conferences and often my time slots are from 30-60 minutes. I always ensure I incorporate video into my videos to give attendees a rest from listening to me but also to help keep them engaged. The video below was part of a series I produced as part of a 90-minute workshop at the Big Data Retail Analytics Forum in London. The event hosted by IQPC sought to discover how to embed a data-centric culture into your business.


#4 How to video

I also use Go Animate videos for my Take Two video series on my YouTube channel. These videos are short, sharp and to the point and give you some quick tips on a specific digital marketing or social media topic. Here’s one I produced on how to grow your following on Twitter. It’s a perfect example of video storytelling for education marketing.

#5 Re-purposing content

We also use Go Animate for our client video storytelling work. Much of what we do for our clients is creating digital campaigns and online storytelling. In this animated video we re-purposed an infographic we designed communicating 12 steps to get home safely after a night out as part of The Skeff’s Tag Team campaign.

So here’s the infographic.

video storytelling by repurosing an infographic

Here’s the re-purposed animated video.


#6 Informative video 

Go Animate is a great way to share lots of information in a relatively short period of time and ensuring it’s memorable. This video is for our client Bluebird Care, a homecare company, and they wanted to share the 10 early signs of Dementia with their online community.


#7 Whiteboard

I find whiteboard animation is an excellent way to communicate in videos. Research tell us that the average attention span is just 8 seconds.  So the consistent drawing of shapes and figures in a whiteboard animation video will keep the mind from wandering, focusing on your core message. Here’s a whiteboard animation I created to promote my webinar. You can see that I have created myself in this video.


So will you GoAnimate?Blog You are here:Digital Training InstituteDigital StorytellingSocial Media ToolsVideo marketing7 Ways To Use GoAnimate For Video Storytelling 7 Ways To Use GoAnimate For Video Storytelling

Go on, you will thank me and GoAnimate for it!


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