The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit Goes to Brussels!

150 of Ireland’s leading public sector communications managers descended on Dublin’s Mansion House to better understand digital transformation for Ireland’s first Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit on Thursday 14th June.

The sold out summit forensically addressed how Ireland’s public sector is undergoing a digital transformation with in-house marketing and communication staff embracing social media and digital communications and highlighted how public sector organisations can, and should be defending the truth in the era of fake news.

Sensational Speakers

Speakers representing Ireland’s leading public sector agencies including Kirsten Connolly, assistant national director of communications of the HSE, Andrew McLindon, director of communications of An Garda Síochána, Barry Kenny corporate communications manager for Irish Rail, and Paul O’Kane, chief communications officer for daa took to the stage for a series of panel debates, practical case studies, and individual keynotes. Speakers delivered on topics such as real time crisis management, customer service, defending the truth in the era of fake news and even Brexit on Snapchat. If you haven’t gone behind the scenes yet, do so here.

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Expert Hosting

A captive audience at #PublicSectorDMS

Addressing the Summit, Joanne Sweeney-Burke, founder of the Summit announced, “The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit is going to Brussels in the autumn. We are going to the European Capital of Public Sector, because I have seen the messaging that is coming out. I have seen the fear and paralysis that exists among your peers. I want to create a global community of public-sector professionals who are changing the world for the better, one digital message at a time. I’m also planning to bring my summit to London and run it again in Dublin in June 2019.”


Joanne Sweeney-Burke, CEO of the Digital Training Institute also announced the launch of the Certified Diploma in Digital Communications for Public Sector, “This is a one year programme, our aim is to bring you to the level of being a change maker in your organisation. You need to have that strategic view, you need to have that level of critical thinking and you need to have the digital instinct that you can use to leapfrog your organisation past where the private sector is right now. This can only be done internally, within your organisation.” 

The Diploma in Digital Communications for Public Sector consists of 12 online modules. Here are just some of the topics participants can expect to become an expert in.

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The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit has been devised for senior decision makers, managers, marketing, PR, digital, web, social media or communications professionals in the public sector including Government departments, health service, tourism, local authorities, education bodies, policing, political staff, local enterprise offices and non-commercial state agencies.  


You can follow the Summit on Twitter @PublicSectorPro and #PublicSectorDMS.


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