The Importance of Privacy Settings

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Social Media has given us the opportunity to connect and share with people across the globe. In fact this is the most basic premise of Social Networking channels. But with this comes responsibility . Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 16.41.04

Think about it, Would you open your door to any given stranger and let them into your life without knowing anything about them? Probably not. so why do we allow this to happen  online? You need to be careful with the information you share online and how you protect it.

There are many combinations of privacy settings on social media platforms, you must read these individually and understand their privacy settings.

There are three categories of privacy online, Public, Friends/Followers and Locked.

When your profile is public it means your profile is open for public view. If our profile is set to Friends/Followers this means you have set your private information so that it can only be seen by friends or followers. And if your account is set to be locked it means that all privacy settings have shut your page and the user manages permission to friend or follow on a case by case basis. Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 16.37.46

Including your location in your posts can also have negative implications for your own personal security, so be careful when your location settings are being included in posts.

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