INFOGRAPHIC: 15 Social Media Marketing Fails

15 social media marketing fails

Marketers love to share their tops tips on how to win at social media. However, when I came across this infographic from, I was drawn in to have a closer look. They also created an article for it. What fails are you guilty of and will you clean up your social media act?  When you do, be sure to follow my top five tips for a great social media strategy. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

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What If Social Media Was Around in 1916?

The Social Media Rising of 1916

I’m a news-hound. I guess it’s the journalist in me. My husband says, ‘once a journalist, always a journalist.’ I consume news practically all day from waking up to my clock radio at 7am with Cathal MacCoille from Morning Ireland reminding me what day it is and wishing me a ‘very good morning’, reading news from Twitter links, listening to news shows on the radio in the car, to finally receiving mobile notifications from The Irish Times, Irish Independent and Coverage around the centenary celebrations has been dominating all news platforms recently so it got me thinking… What if social media was around in 1916?

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