Social Media Marketing Strategies: Why Snapchat Lenses are Becoming the New Trend

  Social media marketing is evolving at breakneck speed, and this has meant that marketing efforts need to constantly be evaluated against the newest technologies and platforms in order to ensure maximum ROI. One of the newest tools out there may have you questioning – should I be using Snapchat Lenses? The emergence of Snapchat Lenses in marketing campaigns happened quickly, but it is steadily gaining momentum.  While perhaps relatively new in terms of usage, Snapchat Lenses are already seeing increasing popularity and it seems like they are becoming another tool in digital marketing arsenals. What Are Snapchat Lenses? You

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[PODCAST] How to Maximise Social Media for Higher Education

How to Maximise Social Media for Higher Education

In this episode #99, I focus on the higher education sector and how it can leverage social media for a variety of business and academic KPIs. I interview Dr. Glenn Hurst, Lecturer and Assistant Professor at University of York, and give shoutouts to three universities that are mastering social media. I also share my presentation from the recent #TrinityIsSocial event entitled “Creating a Digital Footprint of your Research”.

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