How Social Media Trends are Influencing Business Marketing Plans

How Social Media Trends are Influencing Business Marketing Plans

Do you have a social media marketing plan? Are you watching trends to influence your strategy? I believe the secret to having a successful social media marketing B2B campaign is no secret at all. In fact, if you have ever run a successful marketing campaign on essentially any level, then you have already done what is necessary. It all begins with appeal.


Appealing to Your Audience

Content, video or any other method and tool available to use in attempt to grab the attention of your audience can be employed. This is as equally true of a social marketing ad aimed at a customer as it is for a B2B advertisement.

The first rule of any good marketing strategy will evolve around being seen, heard or noticed. Click To Tweet

It is from that point a conversation can begin, and a where a dialogue develops

For B2B social media marketing campaigns, this opens up windows to opportunities that go beyond those available elsewhere.


Many Opportunities Afforded through Social Media Marketing for B2B

Content Marketing B2B


RelationshipsBeyond two company’s transacting business, the potential to develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships exist. There is a mutual understanding, almost a brotherhood-of-sorts among business owners – a kindred spirit? In any event, owners and managers develop partnerships, share advice and can build mutually beneficial relationships as a result of this marketing niche.

Possible Collaborations – One aspect that enables such extensive opportunities for businesses is the natural and conversational form taken by social media marketing. It just feels native and familiar to us. Remember that regardless of which business notices your marketing campaign, there are human eyes seeing and reading and human ears hearing what is being communicated. Through these conversations and relationships are always the possibility of collaborative efforts. It may be multiple companies working on one massive project or simply another company outsourcing work – social media avails such collaborative opportunities.

Networking – That old friendly and often used concept of networking again makes an appearance here. Networking has been successfully used to help people and companies for years, and it still does. Social media marketing for B2B is another excellent platform for this proven and valuable tool.

With all of this potential and opportunity surrounding social media marketing, it still begins and ends with one thing – people. As before, this is as equally true for both customer and business social media strategies.


What is Appeal?

If it is all about people, then appeal is the bait that lures, the fire that draws – it is that which offers something. That “something” will look like one of three things:

Meeting a need If the something your product or service offers meets a need, then it will transform the audience. It will take them from a member of the audience and make them a prospective buyer. It will engage them and begin the conversation. The needs of a business may differ, but needs still need met. Appealing to that need and providing the means to provide solutions will transform that business too just like it will the customer in the audience.

Improvement – Next to meeting a need, offering to improve someone’s life in any fashion is the most common reason people will stop to take note. Of course this often comes in the package of money, but anything that may better someone’s life can cause pause. Companies are also looking to improve their bottom line, their operations or some component of the business. Social media marketing for B2B that offers improvement is a welcomed discussion.

ValueThis really is the core goal of any successful marketing campaign. If you can present your goods or services to your prospective buyers in such a manner that it equates to value – mission accomplished. Value is determined by the customer and what they see, what they see is what you paint. The brush is social media marketing. With every exchange, every contact and every opportunity to engage a customer, another stroke is brushed. The canvas can be whatever platform is available. Provide that business your marketing campaign has been entertaining a reason to continue the conversation, a reason to buy. Offer value.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that anyone who has run a successful marketing campaign has already done all of these things. If that campaign attracted attention, if the message struck a cord and combined with your service or product provided value, then you have already utilized the core facets of social media marketing. So well done!


Another Benefit of Social Media Marketing for B2B

All of this is well and good, but there is still work to be done, leads to obtain and qualify and more. It just so happens that social media marketing is also a great lead generation resource. A recent story reported that over half of B2B marketers claimed lead generation as their primary concern. Yes, an avenue for gaining attention, a tool for bridging gaps and building relationships, a method of developing customers and even a lead generation avenue.

That is social media marketing for B2B at its best. Are you ready?

B2B Lead Generation


Your Next B2B Marketing Campaign

If you are looking to improve the results of your marketing campaign or want to know more about social media marketing, then contact us today. Our team of professionals are ready to assist you with your marketing campaign, build an online reputation that works or work to meet any of your marketing needs.

Get noticed, get your message out there, and get the results you desire – get in touch with us and make social media and digital marketing work for you.

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