The Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

The Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing


JSB Talks Digital Podcast #65

JSB Talks Digital is a weekly digital marketing and social media podcast hosted by author, strategist, consultant, speaker and trainer Joanne Sweeney-Burke. Each Friday Joanne shares her digital marketing and social media insights from her work as CEO of Digital Training Institute. 

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In this episode, I’m taking you on a journey of exploration. It’s time to talk Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Coming up in the podcast:

  • In social media news:
    • Facebook introduces a video dimensions guide
    • Google reveals the most popular ‘How to’ searches
    • Twitter enables account sharing in the Tweetdeck mobile app
  • I interview co-founder of Social Day UK about their use of Messenger Chatbots to launch their 2018 event
  • In shout-outs: Three brilliant Facebook Messenger Chatbot case studies we can all learn from
  • In JSB’s column – Man versus machine? What you need to know about Chatbots
  • Find out what Chatbot tool saved my working week

Listen to this week’s podcast:

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Social Media News 

Facebook reveals video dimensions guide

Facebook has released a really useful video requirements guide covering everything from ratio details and length restrictions for Facebook’s various video options, including video on Instagram.

If marketers are to get the most out of Facebook organic reach then be sure to adhere to the best practices contained in this guide.

You can download your PDF copy here

Facebook Video Dimensions

Facebook has released a really useful video requirements guide Click To Tweet


Google reveals most popular searches

I love finding out the most popular Google searches. As a digital marketer keyword research is one of my most trusted tactics.

Google News Lab in collaboration with Xaquin G.V., an interactive visual data journalist looked at the top 100 ‘How Tos’ worldwide to see what we desperately need help with.

The new site designed by Xaquin working with Google and its Trends tools allows users to enter whatever country they want into a field to see what the top “how to” searches are for their region. The relative popularity of things around the house people search to fix are represented by larger or smaller graphics in a household scene – in Ireland, for instance, it turns out light bulbs are really commonly searched for, as well as washing machines and toilets.

The essay also examines the top 100 ‘How To’ searches made worldwide to see what people generally needed assistance with, and those results are very illuminating. Xaquin broke them down into categories, with visual representations of how popular each is.

Have some fun and log onto Find out what “how to” questions.


Twitter enables account sharing in the Tweetdeck mobile app  

TweetDeck Teams — a feature that lets users share access to Twitter accounts without having to share a password — will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android.

This change will make it easier for marketers who run social media accounts for clients. So now you can post updates, check replies, send direct messages and more, without having to operate from a separate app.

I wonder if this is a hint that Twitter is thinking of transitioning TweetDeck’s account management features to its main app?


Interview | Stuart Hall, Social Day UK

Stuart Hall Social DayIn today’s show I’m delighted to be joined by Social Day UK co-founder, Stuart Hall to talk about their use of Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Find out more about Social Media Day UK:

Tune in to listen to my interview with Stuart.

My favourite quote from our chat

Stuart Hall Quote


Shout-Outs: Three brands using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

In this part of the show I give shout-outs to brands, organisations or individuals whose work online is remarkable and worth talking about.

In this weeks’ show I’m sharing three Facebook Messenger Chatbot case studies we can all learn from.

3 Facebook Messenger Chatbot case studies we can all learn from Click To Tweet

1) Andrew and Pete   

Andrew and Pete are a digital marketing duo from the UK. They describe themselves as the Madonna and Bono of marketing.  I can’t wait to have them on this podcast very soon to discuss the launch of their first book, The Hippo Campus.

The guys use Messenger Chatbot very creatively to increase engagement on their weekly vlogs and blogs.

I get their weekly content into my Messenger inbox and I love getting reminders of their content.

Andrew and Pete’s Messenger Chatbot:


2) BeLive.TV

BeLive.TV is a live-streaming app which allows you to host interviews on Facebook – on Pages and Groups while moderating comments in real-time. You can use the app on desktop or on mobile.

You can go live in two different formats; a Q and A format which is just you broadcasting to your audience. Or, you can host a face to face interview in various styles – split screen or one of you hogs the camera.

I am a BeLive.TV paid user and I get Chatbot messages to notify me of live streaming tips from their collaborator Molly Mahoney. I really like the notification and getting the link in Messenger. Plus, I can go back and get the link at a later date!


3) Uber

Rides can be requested by starting a conversation with the Uber chatbot, which will also provide status updates.

In addition, Uber’s integration allows users to request rides from within their Facebook Messenger conversations with other users by clicking on an address.


JSB’s Column | Man V Machine: The Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Joanne Sweeney-Burke

In today’s column, I discuss virtual robots, more commonly known as bots.

So, it’s now man versus machine in social media and we all need to come up to speed on artificial intelligence in marketing.

If you’re not bothered about bots, I’m going to open your mind and hopefully change it, by the end of this show.

Did you know more than 100,000 bots chat to and help out people through Facebook Messenger every day? With over 1 billion people using Messenger it presents marketers with an valuable opportunity to develop deeper relationships with prospects and customers.

Google is also getting in on chatbot craze! It has developed a new service called Chatbase, which provides analytics and suggestions for how to “fix” bot experiences to make them better for users.

Social bots are infiltrating social media

In recent years social bots have infiltrated social media. Some reports claim that about 7-10% of Twitter’s user base of over 300 million users are bots, and over 24 million Instagram accounts could be spambots created in online black markets.

With over 1 billion people using Messenger it presents marketers with an valuable opportunity Click To Tweet

These bots, or computer programs, take on the persona of a user in social media and posts content in various social media platforms.

In some cases, they are simple computer programs that post content with intention of making certain hashtags, keywords, or user handles trend, or they are programmed to latch onto a trending hashtag, to increase the visibility of their profile among the user community that is tracking a trending hashtag.

In other cases, they are designed to simply to drive traffic to particular URLs that are included in the post. This is what my case study brands Andrew and Pete and BeLive.TV use it for.

Messenger platforms are growing rapidly and open rates are much higher than email open rates, and the click through rate is also insanely high.

So what do you want a bot to do for you?

Consumers will engage with bots in three ways: content consumption, customer service and productivity or transactional engagements.

I’m currently working on building the Digital Training Institute Messenger Chatbot and I’m also going to record a tutorial video.

If you want to discuss Chatbots for your business or organization then get in touch! Simply email me at: [email protected]


Social Media Tool of the Week: ManyChat

The social media tool that saved my working week this week is ManyChat.

ManyChat is an easy-to-use tool if you are setting up your first Chatbot.

When you connect your Facebook account to ManyChat you which page you want to connect your bot to, and it is already set up.

After setting up you can already build your welcome message or first sequences. This is a really important step so you need to think about the customer journey.

Some of the ManyChat features include:

  • Messages
  • Growth Tools
  • Sequences, broadcasts
  • Autoposting
  • Live Chat, Audience option


Manychat Messages

If you want to learn more about ManyChat click here:


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I would like to thank Eoghan Murphy aka The Galway Gamer for producing my podcast series and to Flirt FM on the campus of NUI, Galway where I am based for the use of their studio.

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    Joanne, I`m waiting for your tutorial video! Only the lazy one didn`t notice that chatbots are the future. There are so many articles on this topic, and some of them are pretty interesting: – learn more about chatbots in digital marketing to keep up with the times!

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