My TEDx Talk: Standing Up To Talking Down


On November 30 2015 I had the opportunity to stand on a TEDx stage.

I found out the previous April that I was accepted to participate in TEDx Omagh. I was excited and proud and full of anticipation. As the months rolled on, I gave my topic much thought and wrote my thoughts on paper and on my phone on the go. I had a concept but I hadn’t crafted it to a TEDx talk format. This takes work. Lots of work. Read about the process of writing a TEDx talk on my personal blog.

I finally decided upon my topic and I was happy with it. It felt right and it felt like a theme that fitted in with the TEDx Omagh theme: Transforming Our Future.

Upspeaking. Standing Up To Talking Down


This theme surprised many when I delivered my topic. Given my profession in digital marketing and social media everyone expected to me to deliver a business topic. However, I chose to deliver a personal topic.

I hope you enjoy it. It gives an insight into what drives me in life and in business.



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