Launch of JSB Personal Blog

This weekend I launched my new personal blog at

JSB Blog

Joanne Sweeney-Burke blog

I’m a mother, wife, business-owner, author, speaker, motivator, mentor, challenge-seeker, radio-head and I love my voice. Once suppressed, ‘tis no more. I’ve a colourful story, which is pretty black and white to me. I live to inspire, to learn and to impress. Impress the importance of positivity, self-belief and the value of you. I do lots, I like to do lots, but I always like to see results. Positive results. I’m ok at falling down, and getting back up. Happy to graze my knees or break a few emotional bones. I’ve raised myself by my own bootlaces and I’m quite happy at chipping away using that model. It works well for me. Fiercely independent, to dangerous levels, I suspect.

My personal blog is an opportunity for me to write about subjects I’m interested in, parts of my life I think I can inspire others with and generally a great get-away from work.

So do stop by, have a read and say hi! #JSBblogs 


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