JSB Teaches Online PR | JSB Talks Digital Vlog Episode #10

JSB Teaches Online PR - Vlog #10

Online PR merges old traditions with new technologies. As a former journalist and PR practitioner, I understand exactly how Digital Age PR can have significant positive impacts on search, social and storytelling.

JSB's Digital DiariesCome behind the scenes of Digital Training Institute with Joanne Sweeney-Burke. This vlog is for marketers, business owners, bloggers and those of you taking your skills into the Digital Age. Joanne will teach you digital marketing and social media tips, tactics and strategies in this weekly vlog released every Monday.





Online PR Masterclass

Recently I delivered a one-day masterclass in Online PR in Galway City in collaboration with Irish Blogger Agency, which was attended by 15 business owners and marketers.

They learned how to become a newsmaker, how to undertake keyword research for best search outcomes and how to optimize for social reach.

“My journalistic background and my love for story-telling are a perfect fit with digital. I’m a content and strategy specialist with
a flair for creative campaigns. I also love to inspire and empower my students by bringing their skills into the digital age.”

We live in a world where DM’s, PM’s and Instant Messaging have replaced letters, telephone calls and even text messages. Video conferencing is commonplace with Skype, Zoom, Join.Me, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts filling our working days.

We live in the now and we communicate in the now. We want to know what is happening real-time, not what happened.

Advances in social and live technology have transformed the way we live, work, do business and even socialise. We have no choice but to embrace this new technology. If we don’t, we will find ourselves in a communications silo.

For those of us interested in the business of communications, it requires constant monitoring and even study of new digital technologies.

The world of public relations has changed in tandem with the advances in social media. PR and marketing professionals have gone back to school, have upskilled and have retrained themselves – all of it, it has to be said – to their benefit and all of which complements existing skills and knowledge.

This is why I JSB teaches Online PR to traditional marketing and digital marketing professionals.


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