JSB Official Host on International Podcast Day 2018

JSB on International Podcast Day 2018

JSB On International Podcast dayYou all know my love of radio and podcasting. Some of my podcasting achievements make me most proud! For example, I’ve won new clients, got media exposure and expanded my network globally.

You can then imagine my delight when I was asked to take part in International Podcast Day 2018.

The event is an international celebration of the power of podcasts. So it has JSB written all over it!

Background to International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day has evolved with the growth in podcasting worldwide. In its inception in 2014, International Podcast Day was celebrated with just six hours of broadcasting. It quickly developed into 30 hours and spread even further across the globe to reach the top podcasting hosts and industry leaders to participate. The organisers target top contributors from over 55 countries to share podcast journeys, personal journey, and expertise.

JSB and International Podcast Day 2017

JSB interviewed Daniel Lewis, Podcaster, Trainer and International Podcast Day organiser in 2017.

Daniel and Steve Lee, International Podcast day Founder realized there was an opportunity to highlight the role podcasting plays in listeners lives. Daniel and Steve launched International Podcast Day to celebrate the power podcasting has with both hosts and listeners. It takes place on September 30th each year. Check out JSB’s Speaker Page for 2018.

JSB On International Podcast day

JSB Talks Digital Christmas Special December 2017 featuring my son BobbyB and PR consultant Kathryn Mason.

How I began Podcasting

I have completed 118 podcasts to date. I have interviewed some great people, spoken on such a wide range of topics and had some fun. But really, my podcast has grown my business. I have been recognised for my podcast, it has grown my network significantly and I can credit some of my top clients with finding me and making contact with me through my podcast. So, I can say deciding to make a podcast series was one of my biggest and most successful business decisions.

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Life Behind the Mic: Why I Can’t Live Without My Podcast

Podcasting is an element of my work I really enjoy. When asked to host on International Podcast Day, I thought carefully about what I wanted to contribute to such an important international event.

I like to discuss current and topical issues in my Podcast, and I follow a particular show structure each week. If you’re a listener you may know my segments, I discuss social media updates to keep my listeners in the loop, I interview a guest on my chosen weekly topic, I give my 2 cents in JSB’s Column, I involve my listeners by answering a weekly listener question, and I also give Shoutout’s to three relevant topics. So my podcast is very structured and consistent.

With the opportunity to host International Podcast Day, I wanted to delve a bit deeper into my podcasting experience and what it means to me. Tune in below to see!

Tune in to my Segment!

Watch my segment with my guest host Amanda Webb below:

If you would like to begin Podcasting but don’t know where to begin, check out my blog post on Rising Trends in Podcast Marketing. For more digital marketing and podcasting tips, you can also contact us.


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