JSB Attends Hack Belgium Launch Party | JSB Talks Digital Vlog Episode #9

JSB Attends Hack Belgium Launch Party

During a trip to Brussels, I attended Hack Belgium, an innovative project that they describe as “a laboratory for the future.”

Nearly 1000 people spent three days in May hacking solutions to 14 societal challenges. I attended the launch in February and interviewed one of the founders, Leo Exter.

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What are Hackathons?

Do you want to know how hackathons are being used as a tactic to help solve problems that have a digital solution?

A hack is defined as: A crude yet effective, highly creative and unorthodox solution to a problem you can’t solve by conventional means.

So coming up in this vlog, I have a digital transformation conversation with Leo Exter, Co-founder of Hack Belgium.


Watch JSB Talks Digital Vlog – JSB Attends Hack Belgium Launch Party

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