[INFOGRAPHIC] Happy 6th Birthday Google Plus!

Google+ 6th Birthday

Do you use Google+? I think it’s a great platform to increase search engine visibility. So I’ve decided to mark Google Plus 6th birthday by sharing a timeline of its evolution.

Since it launched in June 2011, Google’s social community has received mixed reviews. However, Google+ has been remarkably effective for Google in driving the unification of the full suite of Google products and services.

Personally, I use Google+ to share my blog posts, podcasts and vlogs with relevant community members and to increase my SEO effectively.

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Benefits of Google+

  • Google+ content gets indexed immediately and shows up in search results
  • If you use Gmail as your primary email account, everyone you email can see your Google+ profile
  • Google+ communities are powerful places to network with your content
  • It’s so easy to share your content to Google+, I simply click my social share button on my blog post

Google Plus 6th Birthday

Google plus – Google’s social networking platform will turn six on June 28th 2017. Google+ is still developing and has changed its UI and usefulness frequently since its foundation. Let’s have a look at Google plus’s timeline with this infographic created by the guys at Fullestop. 

Before Google+, Google had Orkut as their social networking platform which was a long range interpersonal communication stage, very well-known at that time.

Google+ has its main use as Google authorships for authors. It is additionally utilized more for Google Hangouts. With Google+, Google gives +1 catch as a social flag for sites positioning high on Internet search.

Google+ 6th Birthday

Google+ 6th Birthday

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  • Andrea Reply

    First, cool infographics! Second, in your article seems like G+ is growing well, even though I just read in another that it was dying haha. I don’t know… but I feel this is such a specific social network, and though it has helped me through SEO at http://virtuallypresent.net/, it’s too hard and sometimes even useless.

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