How To Write A Social Media Strategy

How to write a social media strategy

I hosted a webinar recently on How to Write a Social Media Strategy so I thought I’d share my insights on that webinar in a blog post.

Anyone that reads, listens to or who watches my content online will have heard me say this before: “When developing your social media strategy you have to be social, and not just do social, for social media’s sake.” 

Social networking implies interaction. If you are not getting engagement then you are having a one-way conversation with yourself. To correct this: you must create content that ignites a response.

Have a plan, implement that plan, review that plan and iterate. Fail to plan, plan to fail when it comes to your social media strategy.

3 social media strategy tips

  • To find out what adjustments need to be made to your social media marketing strategy, you should constantly be testing. Build testing capabilities into every action you take on social networks. For example, Track the number of clicks your links get on a particular channel using URL shorteners and UTM codes.
  • Personalization is priority! To cut through the social media noise you must show the personality behind you or your brand. Get front of screen using video marketing tactics.
  • News-jack at every opportunity. Social media has led us to an obsession of needing to know what’s happening now! Not what happened yesterday. Yesterday is too late. Therefore you need to be ready to news-jack a trending topic on social media. News-jacking is essentially piggy-backing on a viral or breaking news story to attract more eyeballs on your social content. However, be relevant with your contribution! Otherwise it’s not effective.

Social media strategy in 7 steps

    1. Audit your existing social media presence
    2. Set SMART Objectives
    3. Choose the right channels
    4. Develop a content plan
    5. Invest in social advertising
    6. Work smart with social media tools
    7. Make sure you measure results and iterate

Social media strategy presentation

Watch social media strategy webinar


How to Write a Social Media Strategy

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