Learn how to win digital marketing clients [4-week online program]

How to win digital marketing clients

Are you a digital marketer or social media consultant? Do you want to know how to win digital marketing clients?

Have you any idea of how much your services are worth to a prospective client? Do you know how to price a contract? Can you effectively close a deal?

If you struggle with these aspects of your business, then I can help. I have 15 years of business and communications experience involving pitching clients, closing deals and project managing client accounts.

I am often asked by solo-preneurs for advice on how to close a digital deal. So I decided to share my knowledge and experience with my online community in the hope that you can win more digital business.


How to win digital marketing clients in four steps

This four week-program will be delivered online. You will have access to a suite of downloadable resources which will help you implement your learning.

We will schedule four one-hour webinars and if you can’t make the scheduled one you can watch the replay.

I will also have a Facebook Group set up where we can discuss learnings from each webinar throughout the week. Remember, we all learn from each other.

All participants are also offered a 30-minute one-to-one call with me at any stage throughout the four week-program and up to two weeks after it ends.

On this call I want us to deal with any current contracts you are pitching for or any business or personal struggles that stop you from winning digital business.





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Save the webinar dates

  • Wednesday 21st September, 8:00pm (Dublin)
  • Wednesday 28th September, 8:00pm (Dublin)
  • Wednesday 5th October, 8.00pm (Dublin)
  • Tuesday 11th October, 8.00pm (Dublin)


Join the Facebook Group

Please join the Facebook Group and read the Group guidelines and introduce yourself. I will be there to interact with you over the four-week program.


Save your downloads

The program resources are all here for you to download and you will be able to access them on the day of each of our webinars. Have your workbook printed or on screen for each weekly webinar as you will be completing it.


Respect the group

Let’s all try and learn from each other, respect each other and help each other. Business is tough. If it was easy everyone would be trying it! So let’s act as a support to each other. We also commit to keeping information within the group confidential.




The Four P’s

 Prospective Customers

On the first week we will look at our prospective customers and develop a better understanding of them, so we can meet their needs. In order to get an opportunity to pitch a prospective client we must build up a relationship with them. This could be through our networks – offline or online; online marketing, direct marketing or referrals. We must also build up a funnel in order to attract our ideal clients to us.

It is equally important to understand how your customer is not. A bad customer can cost you money, your good name and lots of valuable time.



On the second week we deal with pitching. I love pitching. I find it an exciting challenge. However, I also come to a pitch well prepared and have a few secrets that I use to bring that digital deal a step closer to me. I will show you how to pitch a prospective client:

  • Online
  • Direct marketing
  • Face-to-Face
  • Over the phone

Remember your client has a problem and you, if you are right for them and vice versa, are going to solve it. This is an important message to communicate.


During week three we deal with pricing. This is probably the most difficult aspect of business, especially when you are selling time. During this week we will create a series of pricing models for a range of customer projects. You will feel much more confident in pricing your next project and even more confident in sticking to your price.



If you are lucky enough to get to stage four of the digital business relationship then you will not want to drop the ball. This is the time that all your hard work will either pay off, or be fruitless.

During this week we will look at your visual presentation, verbal presentation and post presentation follow up.


Refer a friend

Do you know a business colleague who would equally benefit from this program? Refer them to us and if they join, you get a free 1-hour consultation with me to help you with your next pitch or a digital problem you need to fix for a client.



All participants will receive a certificate from Digital Training Institute on successful completion of the course and on completion of a short feedback survey.




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