How To Get A Promotion

How to get a promotion

How to get a promotion

How to get a promotionAre you wanting to take the next step in your marketing career? While you might feel ready for a promotion and believe that you deserve it, it can be tricky to know exactly how to get a promotion.

Below, CV-Library shares its step-by-step guide to preparing and approaching your boss for a promotion, so you can make your next exciting career move.

Reflect on your career

First of all, you need to reflect on your career so far and whether you’re truly ready for a promotion.

Do you have the skills required to make the next step and are you ready to take on more responsibility? Let’s assume that the answers to both of these questions is yes – otherwise you wouldn’t be here! But, if you’re unsure, perhaps spend some extra time sharpening your skills and preparing for the future.

Build your case

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you’ve built a case for yourself. Why do you deserve this promotion? Have you worked on a particularly successful campaign recently? Have you increased the company’s social media following by 80%? Spend some time putting together a list of examples of how you’ve exceled and how this has benefited the business.

Building up a strong case for yourself will help you when the time comes to meet with your boss. The last thing you want to do is ask them to invest in you and give you a promotion, with no evidence as to why they should do this. If you can quantify your examples – even better! This really helps them to see the positive impact you’re making on the business.

Pick your timing

You need to make sure you catch your boss on a good day, so pick your timing carefully. It’s not a good idea to approach your manager for a promotion if they’ve just lost a big client, or if the business is struggling financially at that time. What’s more, it’s not wise to ask them for a promotion if you’ve recently made a costly mistake.

Instead, wait for a time when your boss is happy with how the business is running and perhaps after they’ve had a big win. It’s also a good idea to approach them after you’ve completed a successful project or made a big impact on the business in some way. That might be through overseeing a large marketing campaign or landing a big deal.

Arrange a meeting with your manager

When the time is right, organise a meeting with your manager to discuss your promotion. Take your evidence with you and be sure to set aside enough time to make your case. The last thing you want is to have to rush your conversation and end up not covering everything you wanted to say. This could cost you the promotion.

Lay out your case clearly

Throughout the meeting, make your case clearly and calmly. Present your examples and explain why these mean you deserve to take the next step in the business.

Remember that they might push you for more answers, especially if you’re hoping for them to invest in you. So stay calm and professional at all times. Re-iterate why you deserve it and explain how you’ve contributed towards the success of the business.

How to get a promotion

Look for other opportunities

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a guarantee that your boss will say yes to your request. They may not have the budget or ability to promote you right now, or they may not believe you’re ready. If this is the case, ask for feedback on how you could take that next step.

If it’s looking unlikely that you’ll get promoted in your current company any time soon, it might be time to look for other marketing opportunities elsewhere. If you’re truly ready to take the next step, prepare your CV and get ready for your job search. This might be the key to landing your promotion and starting an exciting new adventure.

Get yourself a promotion

Asking for a promotion can be nerve-wracking, so you need to ensure you’ve prepared yourself accordingly. This also includes preparing for your manager to say no. Build a strong case outlining your achievements and the effect they’ve had on the business.

When you approach your manager, remain professional and confident, even if they push you to justify your request. Follow our advice and you could land yourself a promotion in no time!

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