How Do I Know You? Were You On The Apprentice?

So I always get asked, ‘how do I know you’?

Well I was on the Apprentice! Sometimes I just keep people wondering but if I see them getting frustrated I’ll put them out of their misery. It happened as recently as last week – I was asked on two separate occasions – I’m always surprised as its four years since the show aired.

I appeared in the last series of the franchised show in 2011 on TV3. I made it to the final along with Eugene, Maurice and Noel – Eugene eventually won, Noel came second, I came third and Maurice fourth. It was a testing 10 weeks as I had to leave my home, my family and my business and I just had a 10-minute supervised phone call one a week to make sure everything was ok.

Maurice O'Callaghan, Eugene Heary, Noel Rowland, Bill Cullen and JSB

Maurice O’Callaghan, Noel Rowland, JSB and Eugene Heary – finalists in the 2011 version of The Apprentice show on TV3 in Ireland – pictured with investor Bill Cullen (centre)

Having topped the task leader-board and winning eight out of 11 tasks I finished third and was the last woman standing. While I didn’t get investment in my business, I made it right to the end of the 12-week show and for me, had won anyway. It was an emotionally, physically and mentally challenging experience and I think that candidates who take part in this franchised show around the world actually learn so much about themselves. So it’s perhaps less about winning and more about taking part.

Read more about my performance in the show here on wikipedia who kept a record, week by week, task by task!

I made some great friends on the show and learned a hell of a lot about myself. But most of all I got some inner belief that had been missing and perhaps chipped away at over the years. But as they said on the show “JoJo found her Mojo” and that I certainly did.

Here’s the full complement of 2011 Apprentice candidates. Who was your favourite?

Back Row: Brian, Noel, Ruth, Peter, Eugene, Aisling, Maurice Connor. Front Row: Suzanne, Joanne, Eoin, Louise (Bill Cullen centre, Claire, Sandra, Chris and Yinka

Back Row: Brian, Noel, Ruth, Eugene, Aisling, Maurice Connor.
Front Row: Suzanne, Joanne, Louise (Bill Cullen centre, Sandra, Chris and Yinka

Here’s my highlights and low lights!


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