Digital Transformation in the Health Sector | JSB Talks Digital Vlog #13

JSB Talks Digital Vlog #13 - Digital Transformation in the Health Sector

In this episode I attend an Executive Leadership Summit in Dublin for a meeting with executive leaders from the I.T sector in Health Care.

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HIMSS Conference

On the 22nd March 2017, the Health Service Executive and HIMSS Europe presented the second Executive Leadership Summit and Dinner in Ireland. The exclusive event brought together CIOs, CCIOs and key influencers from across the UK and Ireland to explore IT strategies that deliver excellence and facilitate collaboration in health and social care settings.

The theme of the HIMMS Executive Leadership Summit was effective leadership in times of change.

I used the opportunity to discuss the implementation of an Electronic Healthcare Record for Ireland in an interview with Richard Corbridge, CIO, HSE. I also speak to other digital change evangelists from Northern Ireland and the United States.


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