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JSB Talks Digital is a weekly podcast show hosted by social media author, strategist, consultant, speaker and trainer Joanne Sweeney-Burke. Each Friday Joanne shares her digital marketing and social media insights from her work as CEO of Digital Training Institute.

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Hello and welcome to JSB Talks Digital. The podcast for marketers, bloggers, small business owners and those of you bringing your skills into the Digital Age! I’m Joanne Sweeney-Burke and I’m your host!

In this episode

  • Facebook highlights trending topics on the social network during September
  • Twitter is now showing reply count on our Tweet metrics
  • LinkedIn Adds Updated Insights
  • I Interview Roger Burrows, Network Marketer, Motivator & Business Coach
  • Shoutouts to my top 5 favourite blogs
  • JSB’s column – What happens in a typical JSB Digital Day?
  • Buffer, the Social Media Tool that saved my working week


Useful links from this episode

  • Facebook’s Topic to Watch report

In this episode I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite blogs to keep me up to date with digital marketing and social media changes.   It’s really difficult and sometimes stressful to remain relevant and current in the digital marketing industry so that’s why there are a consistent number of blogs that I visit daily that keep me and my knowledge in check.

  • My favourite 5 blogs are

Social Media Examiner and the last article I read was How to create content for your social media sales funnel

Search Engine Journal and the last article I read was What Gets The Most Results for Top SEOs? [Infographic]

Entrepreneur and the last article I read was 6 important values entrepreneurial parents can teach their children

Blogging Tips and the last article I read was How to Drive Hoards of Pinterest Traffic to your Blog

RazorSocial from Ian Cleary is a brilliant blog for social media tools and technical elements of digital marketing. Ian is also running FREE 4-part video training series on social media. If you want to reduce overwhelm, save time and increase sales sign up now!

I am also a RazorBlazer – so I am part of Ian’s community and it’s something I would highly recommend for serious marketers.


Interview of the Week


In this week’s show I’m joined by Roger Burrows who’s originally from Cape Town, South Africa, has Galway connections and now live in Wales. Roger is a Periscoper, motivational speaker and business and life coach.  

He is using the social web to help him navigate his new business after a career in the UK military.

You can follow Roger on Twitter & Periscope @RogerTBurrows and on Facebook he’s Roger Tiger Burrows. Log onto rogertigerburrows.com


Roger Tiger Burrows

JSB’s Featured Column: What is a typical digital day for JSB?

Today I’m bringing you behind the scenes with JSB for a Digital Day out!

If you follow my snaps at jsbsnaps you will see that my days are busy and action-packed. So I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes look at JSB’s Digital Days Out!

I get up early and check my phone – or rather my phone checks me! Sometime I have to leave it on if there are media requests coming in which in fact is the case this week.

My phone is both your friend and your foe in my digital world. It allows me to maintain communications on the go but I’m always tied to it and you can probably always get me!

The insane speed of instant messaging means that one-time phonecalls and emails are now turning into IMs/PMs or DMs from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat!

I don’t know when I allowed that professional line to cross but it has and it happened almost overnight – well that’s how it feels!

I’m usually running in heels to catch a train, driving around the country or on days of luxury when I’m office-based, I do the school run! Those days I love.


The social media tool that saved my working week is… Buffer

The social media tool that saved my working week this week is Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool and I use it for some client projects. You can easily manage multiple social media on one user-friendly dashboard.

It is an affordable option for small businesses. It’s free to connect one social media account per platform and starts at just $10 per month for up to 10 accounts per platform.

Buffer supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram and automates the timing of your social media posts.

I love its browser extension and it has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

So why not check out Buffer is you haven’t tried a social management tool yet. All packages have a 14-day FREE trial. Log onto buffer.com


I love feedback

I’d love to know what you think about this episode. So please get in touch by commenting below or tweet me @tweetsbyJSB or send me a snap to jsbsnaps.

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I would like to thank Eoghan Murphy aka The Galway Gamer for producing my podcast series and to Flirt FM on the campus of NUI, Galway where I am based for the use of their studio.

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