Content Marketing: Developing Content Ideas

By Content Marketing

Why do I need content?



Very many organisations struggle with content marketing, but it’s the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy

– website

– blog

– social media

– online PR


– direct marketing

– video

Generating great content

So here are some ideas to help get you thinking seriously about your content marketing strategy.

Masterclass – what is it that you know that you could share with others? Host a Masterclass and use the presentation slides for online sharing.

Demonstration – can you demonstrate practical knowledge? If so, why not record it and create valuable video content for online sharing.

Interviews – can you undertake an interview with somebody in your sector who is considered a thought leader? This would provide invaluable content for a blog or for video content.

Statistics – are there particular statistics relating to new or emerging trends in your sector that you can share? Can these be incorporated into an infographic?

How To Guide – How to…..well that’s up to you. Consider how what you know can add value to your customers. They will trust you when they call you for professional advice.

Tech Tips – there are so many evolving technologies that we all need somebody to simplify those into simple idiot-proof tips. Can you do this?

Opinion – Everybody has an opinion. So what is your opinion on your area of expertise? Choose a niche area and write a blog post on it. You could also get an expert guest to provide commentary for you for your blog.





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