7 Ways to Add Variety to Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing tips Joanne Sweeney-Burke for Social Media Examiner

This article on Twitter marketing tips was written for, and originally published on, Social Media Examiner. I am a regular contributor for them and you can see my articles here. Do you want to improve your Twitter feed? Struggling to come up with ideas for your tweets? In this article, you’ll discover seven ways your business can tweet. #1: Run a Twitter Poll Research is the backbone of any good business decision, so why not ask your Twitter community for their opinion with a Twitter poll? You can run a Twitter poll from a personal or business account for up

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How To Use Twitter Dashboard

How to use Twitter Dashboard

Are you using Twitter Dashboard? Did you know it’s a Twitter management tool aimed at small businesses? While most of us in marketing already use some sort of social media management tool, Dashboard is really aimed at solo-preneurs and small business owners. Dashboard gives business users a clear picture of what’s being said about their business, lets them schedule Tweets, and offers insights about their Tweet performance. However, I thought you would appreciate a ‘how to use Twitter Dashboard‘ lesson. Twitter describes Dashboard as: A free tool from Twitter to help businesses schedule Tweets, get valuable insights, and engage with their customers and

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Are you faking it on Twitter? Check now!

Some companies are impatient, lazy or simply unable to increase their Twitter following so instead opt for another route to Twitter following fame. How you may ask? By buying fake followers! Yes it is possible, but be warned it’s not a good strategy. I found this enlightening post from my good friend Chris McGillicuddy from The Brand Geeks on LinkedIn Pulse and I thought I’d share it with you. Why “FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT” doesn’t work on Twitter. What are fake followers and why would you want them? This is probably the first question you are asking yourself

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Twitter Add ‘Mute’ Button

How Does Mute Work?   Twitter introduced a new feature called ‘mute’ last week and are slowly rolling it out across the social network for all of its users who use the iPhone and Android apps and twitter.com on the desktop. Mute gives Twitter users more control over the content they want to see in their feed. There are different ways to mute users you follow depending on the device you use twitter on:   Muting on Twitter.com   Muting on an iPhone   Muting on an Android Device     Why Mute?   Muting is an alternative to blocking

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