Snapchat Stories Vs Instagram Stories

Snapchat Stories Versus Instagram Stories

Are you a Snapchat or Instagram fan? Perhaps you use both social apps? But when it comes to the stories feature we are posing the question: Snapchat Stories versus Instagram stories, which side are you on? Personally, I’m a Snapchtter mad-hatter and love the personalisation of the stories I create daily. I also re-purpose them for sharing on Facebook primarily. Video is a major marketing tool and will become even more important as 80% of content on the Internet will be video in just a few years. Snapchat has 150 million daily users captures video very well with its very popular Snapchat Stories

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8 Snapchat Content Ideas That Your Fans Will Love

Snapchat content ideas Joanne Sweeney Burke

This article was originally published on Social Media Examiner as part of my regular contributions. Do you want to use Snapchat? Are you struggling to come up with great Snapchat content ideas? In this article, you’ll discover eight ways to create Snapchat content that brings your account to life. Snapchat content ideas #1: Do a “10 Snap Questions” Interview For this content hack, interview people one 10-second snap at a time. The “10 snap questions” format will help ensure your friends stay on board until the end. Here’s how it works: Set your snaps to 10 seconds. Be sure to

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How To Use Snapchat Memories

How to use Snapchat memories

Snapchat Memories gives us the option to share old images or videos in our Snapchat story. This is a welcome feature that was missing from the social app. But some commentators think it might take the ‘raw’ out of the ‘real’. The most frequently asked question during my Snapchat training programmes is: ‘Can I add my own photos or videos to my Snapchat story?’ What is Snapchat Memories? Snapchat Memories let’s you save snaps and stories inside Snapchat, edit them, and send them out again. You can still save snaps and Stories to your camera roll, but the tools inside Memories will

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Snapchat: The Rising Star of Social Media

Snapchat Ghostcodes

If you’re not on Snapchat, get your social media backside over to the App store and download it now! Then come back and read the rest of this blog post. Trust me. Did you know Snapchat is actually five years old? My daughter Sophie started using the social network after its launch and she was just 15 years old back then. Now it’s her favourite social network and my 6 year old son Bobby is also engaging with it (albeit with adult supervision). I am fortunate that research relating to the use of social media by millennials and plurals is right before my

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