The Digital DNA of Generation Z

The social media habis of Generation Z

Presentation from Digital Citizenship Summit, San Francisco Sophie and I were delighted to join influencers from across the world and make our contribution to the global digital citizenship conversation by sharing the social media habits of Generation Z. We were honoured to bring our knowledge and experiences from the West coast of Ireland to the West coast of America. Sophie and I have been developing digital citizenship courses and resources for the past four years. In this presentation we put a particular spotlight on Gen Z because we believe that this demographic are exposed to digital shock without any guidance. Our aim is to

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Partnership with Digital Citizenship Institute | Launched on Twitter Stage in San Francisco

Marialice Curran, CEO of the Digital Citizenship Institute and Joanne Sweeney Burke CEO of the Digital Training Institute announce a partnership on digcit programs for companies and workplaces

WATCH VIDEO   MEDIA STATEMENT  Evangelising Digital Citizenship on the Twitter Stage in San Francisco Mother and daughter address global audience of influencers and announce partnership with US-based Digital Citizenship Institute    San Francisco, 31 October 2016 – Galway-based Digital Training Institute is partnering with US-based Digital Citizenship Institute to certify trainers, accredit courses and create digital citizenship programs for professionals and companies across the globe. The announcement was made at last week’s global Digital Citizenship Summit which took place at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. CEO of Digital Training Institute Joanne Sweeney-Burke who is based at the Innovation Centre

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Why Parenting At 17 Years Old Inspired Me To Be A DigCit Parent

Joanne Sweeney Burke and Sophie Burke Digital Citizenship Summit

“I don’t know how to do this. I don’t even know who I am or what I should be. But I know I have to do this.” I don’t often start posts on this blog with a personal insight, however it is most relevant for this story. I became a mother at the age of 17 and the above quote is what I said to myself 21 years ago as I lay in a hospital bed with Sophie sleeping in a glass cot beside me. I was overwhelmed with responsibility, fear and unfortunately loneliness. I loved this tiny black-haired, brown-eyed

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A Meeting of Digital Citizenship Minds: #DigCitSummitUK

A Meeting of Digital Citizenship Minds

I participate in, and attend very many conferences, seminars and summits (the new buzzword in the event scene), but this weekend I had the opportunity to speak alongside my daughter Sophie at the second international Digital Citizenship Summit held in Bournemouth, England. The event was co-organised by Marialice Curran and William Jenkins within two short months from two different continents. Thanks to David Pollard, founder of Learning Tech Labs in Dublin for introducing me to this network. Are you interested in joining #DigiChat? Be sure to! What is Digital Citizenship? Let me first explain the concept of digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship can be

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