Best Irish Soccer Fan Videos From Euro 2016

Best Irish soccer fan videos from Euro 2016

In episode #5 of my podcast JSB Talks Digital I gave a shout-out to the Irish soccer fans at the Euro 2016 championships in France. They broke the Internet with their friendly and funny antics, which have gone viral!

Wherever you are in the world, you cannot escape the videos capturing the banter of the green army supporting their team and country.

It’s been quite a proud tournament for us Irish, with our team making it to the last 16 of the Euro championships for the first time in our soccer history.

But the real legacy of this sporting tournament is the camaraderie of the Irish fans with fans from across Europe. They’ve sung lullabies to babies, changed punctured wheels for pensioners, out-sung the Swedish fans in an Abba sing-off and stopped traffic with Riverdance moves. We are very proud of our soccer fans and social media has told that story very effectively.


Best Irish Fan Video at Euro 2016

Singing a lullaby to a baby on a train

Swooning the ladies by belting out “I can’t take my eyes off you”

Changing a tyre for an elderly couple

Having an Abba sing-off with Swedish Fans

Dancing on a car, denting it and deciding to pay for the damage

5 reasons why the Irish soccer fans are the best!


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