A Big Welcome to our new Digital Marketing Intern!

Meet Jill our new Digital Marketing Intern at the Digital Training InstituteIMG_20140121_2

Jill is a student in the University of Limerick, she is studying New media and English and has just begun her six month internship with us.

Jill is going to receive practical training and ongoing mentoring throughout her six months with us. Her six month internship will involve practical training in areas such as;

-Database building

-Social media content management and planning


-PPc campaigns

-Online PR

and more.

Joanne Sweeney-Burke the managing director of both Digital Training Institute and Media Box will be Jills mentor for her six month internship. Joanne is a firm believer that success comes from bringing out the best in others. She even had an Internship Handbook prepared for Jill on her arrival, talk about organization.

So, keep your eyes peeled on our social networking sites for any posts from Jill and find out more about the courses Digital Training Institute have to offer at www.digitaltraining.ie


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