20 Blogging Tips

20 Blogging Tips


With the launch of the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 we decided to write a blog post on blogging.


Blogging is a way of maintaining a corporate diary of your brand, promoting your expertise in your specialist subject, driving traffic to other areas of your website and really just heightening brand profile.


Blogging is a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), while also giving you a platform to discuss, engage, share and inspire.


We’d love to hear why you blog so feel free to comment at the end of this post.


Here are Digital Training Institute’s 20 Top Tips for Bloggers to help you get the most out of your blog.


1.Do the research – You can’t talk about things you don’t know. The key to a successful and engaging Blog is one that is knowledgeable in its chosen subject.


2. You’ll never please everyone – Once you accept this you will be able to write more freely and openly.





3.           Write, write, write – practice makes perfect. Writing in our eyes is a skill that is implemented with great passion and care. So to improve your writing skills, write often and edit well.


4.             Ask readers questions – interact with your readers it will make them feel like they’re a part of the conversation too. It also encourages interaction and discussion on your blog which is a key ingredient to its success.



5.            Always have time to edit – this is so important, a rushed blog post isn’t a good one. Check spelling, grammar, spacing, resolution of imagery, timeliness and relevance. The best Blog posts are not just well written, they are well edited.


6.            Brainstorm  Be sure to pre-plan and think carefully about your blog posts. With this in mind, I often brainstorm blog post ideas and choose my top two for the week. This means that I can then give myself time to think about my blog posts and collect the relevant images and links. Brainstorming is a process that will throw up lots of ideas and probably future blog posts ideas.



7.            Inform & inspire – Inspire your readers and enlighten them, they’ll come back again for some more. There is no point in writing for the sake of writing itself. Your blog posts must have a purpose and an objective. Well thought out blog posts with useful and thought-provoking information will set your readers alight and have them returning to your blog time and time again.





8.            Blog posts don’t always have to be long – mix it up a little.

Blogging is a process of storytelling. A story can be short, long or somewhere in between. But be sure it follows the rules of storytelling with a good heading, contextual introduction, key points and images and hyperlinks.


9.            Live a litte – your posts will become more exciting. Do you document your day, your week, your journies through work or life? Why not share your trials and tribulations in your blog posts. But of course they have to have context and be relevant to your subject matter.


10.        Add visuals – a picture says a thousand words. People will be more likely to engage with strong imagery included. 


11.       Get ideas from your audience – Write blog posts that answer some of the most interesting questions your audience has asked you.





12.         Write for your future employer – remember, when you’re looking for a job this is what your potential employer will be looking at. Your blog is a digital diary of your personality and your potential.


13.         Be yourself – you can’t impress everyone.


14.         Add links – the more information you provide for reader the better.


15.         Keep language simple, conversational


16.         Brainstorm for attractive titles – an attractive title will draw the attention your looking for.





17.        Stay on top of the news – have readers come to you first when looking for the latest updates.


18.         Cite sources – rule number one when writing or blogging.


19.         Link images – link images to the site they came from.


20.        Google analytics – this is so important to keep an eye on the amount of hits your blog is getting.


If you are new to blogging and need a little help contact [email protected] about our Blogging for Beginners course.


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