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Twitter TipsInbound marketing alone is one of the biggest ‘trends’ to ever hit the business world and has essentially transformed the way we approach connecting with audiences as a whole.

However, within the bounds of ‘inbound marketing’ is also dozens, if not over a hundred different sub-categories including video, email, chat, SMS, and of course social media. Look closer and each category expands into its own matryoshka-doll-like microcosm.



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Social media, for example, also has a multitude of sub-categories including the top five platforms almost everyone uses and hundreds of little niche social media and chat platforms where people gather in smaller groups. Zoom in again, just at Twitter marketing  and try to understand every aspect of it. Even at this level of examination, the twitter tips for effective, fun, growth-oriented, and customer-focused Twitter marketing could roll on for miles if listed on an endless sheet of paper.

With the understanding that there are more tips available than anyone has time to read about, I’ve picked a dozen of my favourites to share with you today in the hope that the shotgun approach will improve every aspect of your Twitter marketing campaign from top to bottom with plenty of room for creativity and more tips in the future. Be sure to follow Digital Training Institute on Twitter and of course @tweetsbyJSB!



Let’s get started!

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Twitter Tips

1) Perfect Your Bio

You might be amazed just how many companies or social media managers will build a custom-made account for Twitter marketing only to leave the most important content areas blank. You need to shape every aspect of your online image including (and especially) what people see when they go directly to your account page. How you build your Twitter profile matters a great deal whether you’ve got a company account or have your social media management team using their own names and faces for transparency and that human touch.

Your banner image should be both attractive and compelling and the bio you write needs to clearly convey not only who your company is, but also your purpose behind social media marketing. Are you looking to bring value to customers through unique deals, connect with the community and learn what they like, or just to hang out and build awareness? Writing a catchy, entertaining, and honest bio is a great start to your Twitter marketing campaign.

2) Quote Tweet for Better Results

Twitter retweets are often seen as success scores, the more retweets the better, but they’re actually pretty badly designed. Retweeting someone’s post seems like a great way to show favour but it doesn’t actually allow the person you’ve retweeted to give you any kind of positive response back like a comment, thanks, or even acknowledgment. If your goal is to build your community, use a quote tweet by adding your voice and opinion to the tweet you are retweeting.

3) Lists for Lead Generation

If you’re following more than a couple hundred people (and you are, right?), it can become virtually impossible to keep track of the content you want to see. Enter Twitter Lists, which allow you to create custom feeds of groups like influencers, customers, leads, or prospects—so you can engage appropriately with each important group.

Have specific and relevant conversations by creating Twitter lists. Segment your important followers into categories and create lists. For example, media, customers, partners, prospects. You can keep your lists private so only you see them.

Every day tap into a list and listen to the conversation, jump in only when you can add value to the conversation. This will save you hours of endless scrolling!

How to do it on Twitter: For instructions for iOS or Android, visit the Twitter Help Center.

It will be time well spent, trust me!

Twitter Tips

4) Get Giphy

GIFs are a great way to get engagement and show a bit of personality. However, always be careful not to use a gif when it’s a serious issue.

GIFs increase brand awareness and show off your lighter side. If you get it right you’ll benefit from greater engagement and extended exposure to non-followers.



5) Use Favourites to Show Favour

Favouriting is your special way of going around telling people that you enjoy their content. You can use this as a quick ‘thank you’ for mentions and positive comments when a full response is unnecessary and you can use it out in the great Twitter-sphere to spread your influence and presence through positive little hearts left all over the place.

Rather than using an auto-favouriter bot, which can be seen as empty and false, simply use alerts to let you know if something you usually favourite pops up and otherwise, be yourself and like what you like. The clear human preference will create transparency.

6) Mark Your Tweets with Fun Images

Tweets may be easy to skim but images are hard to avoid. If you want to draw attention to your tweets, increase clicks and retweet rates, and in general get greater responses to your daily posts, include images.

Go out of your way to get a big collection of weird, fun, intriguing, and visually captivating images and then use them to mark your messages, preferably with relevant images but it doesn’t always have to be.

Twitter Tips

7) Tweet Links to Your Blog Whenever Relevant

So, you’ve been working hard to generate a following and you’ve got a pretty enthusiastic little online community these days… but how exactly do you translate that into real results?

Like all social media marketing questions, there are at least half a dozen answers but one of the best is backlinks.

Link to your blog frequently with relevant links that lead to useful information in your posts. Link to the service and product pages of your website occasionally when relevance allows. This creates backlinks for SEO and sends more users to your actual website.

8) Share Opportunities to Get Email Subscribers

In the quest for qualified leads and email subscribers, your Twitter marketing campaign can actually be a useful tool.

The key is to generate interest in something actually valuable like special opportunities, discounts, and personalized deals.

You can absolutely use your Twitter feed to pump up the opportunity and use links to channel the interested leads back to your sign-up and rewards page.

9) Create Hashtag Conversations

Hashtags are among one of the best things Twitter has brought to the world of social media. The ability to track conversations by popular topics through user tagging is ingenious and you should absolutely make use of it.

While most organisations start by choosing a few hashtags to follow and join, don’t forget that anyone can start a hashtag. For your hot discussion topics, be sure to include a hashtag to make it both easier to track and more ready to become a wildfire topic.

10) Admit to Your Mistakes

Among the most important features of a Twitter marketing campaign is transparency and real human connection.

Consumers are tired of the blank guiltless face of corporatism and you can gain a lot of points by straying from that standard.

When your organisation makes a mistake, either on Twitter or elsewhere, ‘fess up. Don’t hesitate or consider a cover, the quicker you admit you were wrong, the more the community will respect you.

You might even go so far as to ask the community how to do better.

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11) Lead Discussions About Brand-Related Topics

Twitter appears on the surface to be a series of unrelated and often self-absorbed commentary but in reality, it is a seething mass of active discussions, debates, political movements, and social trends.

If you want to be a leader in the Twitter-sphere, be ready to become a discussion leader as well. Think of interesting discussion topics and encourage your community to really get a heated conversation going.

This can create hot hashtag, keeps your community engaged, and brings up interesting points about your industry.

12) Video for Greater Engagement

Last but not least video on Twitter!

Videos on Twitter generate 2.5 times more responses, 2.8 times more retweets and1.9 times more favourites.

There are four ways to share videos on Twitter:

1. Record: You can record, edit and share videos from the Twitter app (Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android OS 4.1 and higher).

2. Import: If you use the Twitter for iPhone or iPad app, you can import videos from your device.

3. Upload: You can upload videos to twitter.com. 4. Go live: Learn how to create a live video right from your Twitter app.

Twitter will let users post video tweets up to 140 seconds long.

Get the videos on Twitter app for your smartphone and you can be tweeting videos from the field OR use your Vine account to tweet 6-second Vine videos. Another option is to link videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Check the Twitter video and photo guide. Be sure to follow @TwitterVideo also for great ideas!

JSB’s Final Thoughts…

That’s it! A full dozen nearly random Twitter tips! Twitter is an amazing, enormous, and unbelievably popular.

Whether you’re looking to build a little awareness for your brand or actively drive clicks and customers to your website, the more you can understand about this constantly changing social media landscape and the tools to manipulate it, the better.

The key is to be clever, strategic, and creative while at the same time also being as transparent and human as possible.

With the right attitude, an enthusiastic following, and a lot of interesting pictures, you’ll soon start developing your own Twitter tips to share with others. Join us next time for more tips, tricks, trends, and news about every kind of inbound marketing you can imagine. For even more, contact us today!

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